Tibetan Gong
Tibetan Gong

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Tibetan Gong

Tibetan gong bell with brass engravings and its history

Bells have been used, ever since the ancient times, by nuns and monks as part of their ritualistic and meditative practices. Apart from other things, bells have, since ages been used to enhance concentration and spread a sense of tranquility and peace. They have also been used in auspicious and holy places like temples and other places of worship. The “vajra”, a handheld metal object is attached to the Tibetan gong bell. The ‘”vajra” attached to the Tibetan gong bell signifies wisdom, intelligence and skill as part of the Tibetan Buddhist rituals. Inside the bell, there is a small metal piece that dangles from its roof. The “vajra” is held and shaken, which allows the metal piece to create a ringing sound every time it hits the body of the bell. Traditionally used to ward off evil and negative energies, the body of these Tibetan gong bells are made of brass with brass engravings. The antique brass finish bears auspicious engravings of religious symbols and motifs. It is believed that these bells found their inception in China. 

Since time immemorial, music has been acknowledged as a pivotal medium to spread peace, happiness and to cleanse one’s mind of disturbing and negative thoughts. These Tibetan gong bells came to be used as one of the major means to create an aura of solace, concentration and joy. However, wavering from the ancient traditions, these Tibetan gong bells have also come to be used as beautiful ornaments for one’s home. Thus, we at Craft Maestros have brought to you exquisite Tibetan gongs for sale, to give your house that added layer of serenity. ..


How to adorn your home with our Tibetan gong bell with brass engravings?

The interesting fact about our products at Craft Maestros is how their story of origin began nowhere as home décor products. Like most of our products, the Tibetan gong bell was known for its qualities of peace, spirituality and deep religious fervor. However, with us at Craft Maestros, you shall find yourself ogling at our Tibetan gong bells. This luminous brass bell with its meticulous and intricate antique motifs lends it an aura of radiance along with the core characteristics of peace and tranquility. 

From the calmness of the Buddhist monks and nuns ages ago to the stylistic representation of the selfsame quietude as a home décor piece, the Tibetan gong bell has come a long way. Craft Maestros brings to you Tibetan gongs for sale, an embellishment for your home you may have never imagined. 

Adorn your home with the healing aura of this Tibetan gong bell, placed atop a classy mantelpiece in a secluded corner of your room. The shiny brass effect of this Tibetan gong bell is sure to lend your room a tender yet noticeable luminosity. Allow your home to shine in all its brilliance and the calming beauty of this Tibetan Gong Bell. 


Tibetan gongs for sale now

Gone are those days when you had to hunt throuh narrow and congested lanes of handicrafts shops for your choicest piece of home décor item. We at Craft Maestros bring to you the best products that shall make your home bedazzle in all its elements. Tibetan gongs for sale are available now at Craft Maestros! We provide you with fantastic Tibetan gong bells that brim with a wonderful history of pure spirituality, fervor and tranquility. Do not hesitate to grab one of these Tibetan gongs for sale and adorn your home with the serenity and pure beauty that these Tibetan gong bells radiate with.


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