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Bone carving is a meticulous process that draws back its origin to the prehistoric times when early men used to carve out animal bones and make tools and toys. With time, utility and decorative items like pendants, combs and boxes among others began becoming popular. Times changed, man no longer required to hunt animals for food and other needs. However, the craft stayed around and ivory was widely used to carve out fine souvenirs and jewellery like carved earrings, carved hairpin, etc. ...

The craft of bone carving was highly patronised by the Nawabs on Awadh. Even today, you can find the major centres of bone carving in Lucknow and Barakanki. From the busy lanes of Lucknow comes our elegant collection of bone carving, straight from the home of a nationally awarded artisan.

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The process of bone carving begins with procuring animal bones from slaughterhouses. These are generally buffalo or camel bones. Basic tools like knives, chisels, sandpaper, compass, etc are used to carve out delicate designs on bones. Once this is done, the products are buffed with borax to make the surfaces fine. The products are often painted with powder paints or just boiled with tea leaves for a vintage look. You can shop for some carved bookmark, carved paper cutter and hand-carved scissors with us just in few clicks of your mouse.

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