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Lamp Shades Online

Rooms can look very uniform if the lighting doesn’t fit right. From the shades of the walls to the edges of the furniture you have handpicked, everything needs the right amount of lighting to do justice to their beauty. And while fill lights are always a part of the room, using lamps at some crucial spots just add to the magic of the space. These lamps can brighten up any area of your choice with soft light, creating a surreal appeal. ...

But it is not just about picking the right spot and the right lamp, lampshades also play a very important role in adding to the look and feel of the space. These personalised table lampshades give a nice touch to otherwise uniform settings of a room and can be a great pick to give some personalised touches.

From bedside lampshades to lampshades for living rooms, Craft Maestros offers some of the most beautiful handcrafted lamp shades online.

Handcrafted Lampshades For Your Homes & Offices

Bespoke handcrafted lampshades in elegant designs can be a great way to accentuate the personality of your homes and offices. They introduce a subtle colour and texture to the rooms and with light seeping through the fabric, they make for an endearing sight.

The most common lampshades are made by wrapping papers or cloth on metal frameworks. These are then out on top of table lamps to filter the light and spread it evenly in the area.

The internet is full of stores and sites offering lamp shades for table lamps, however, there are only a few right ones. A good table lampshade is not only about patterns and colours but also about the fabric used in making them. It must let the light filter nicely and also have a sustainable impact on the environment.

Craft Maestros lamp shades for table lamps are curated with a similar ethos. The handcrafted pieces are made of 100% cotton, which is great for filtering light, accommodating intricate handmade patterns, and also easy to clean. They are eco-friendly and can be reused for a long time.

Buy Exquisite Handcrafted Table Lampshades Online

CraftMaestros is a one-stop-shop for all your home decor needs and offers a wide and vibrant collection of sustainable products. One of its best selling products is its lampshades collection, inspired by the vintage era.

Made of 100% pure cotton, these lampshades are handpainted in floral and abstract motifs. The sturdy material is not only great for use but is also extremely easy to maintain and clean. The designs are unique and have a unique take on the Indian hand-painted patterns. These lampshades are great for filtering light in the right amount, without leaving it too bright or making it too dull. The affordable rates just add to the whole appeal.

Every single piece in the collection is crafted by award-winning designers and artisans and can be a splendid addition to your living rooms, bed rooms, study areas, and even office spaces. It is also a great gifting option for friends and families. So spread the light!

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