Shawl For Men

Shawls are a popular choice among men when it comes to winter clothing accessories. Shawls are loose pieces of clothes that can be worn over shoulders, arms or even heads. These beautiful yarns not only make your outfit look better and complete, but also helps to keep you warm in chilly winters. At Craft Maestros, we have shawls sourced from the homes of our nationally acclaimed artisans who have handcrafted each piece with utmost love and precision. Shop now from our exquisite collection. ...

Mufflers For Men

Mufflers are somewhat similar to shawls but narrower in their construction. These pieces are widely used in winters to keep one’s neck warm and protected. It is important for a muffler to be soft yet warm for maximum comfort. We at Craft Maestros have a highly curated collection of Kinnauri shawls, skillfully handcrafted by our master artisans.

Stole For Men

Stoles for men have been way underrated since a long time. While stoles come up to be a popular option for women to cover their face or head, men tend to maintain a little distance from the same. For all the stole enthusiasts out there, we have a stunning collection of delicately hand woven stoles coming right from the homes of our nationally acclaimed master artisans.

Why You Should Buy Mufflers Online

Mufflers act like a versatile piece of clothing for both casual and formal wear. They are known to keep you warm while maintaining a style quotient that you can happily flaunt on the go, since they occupy a quite noticeable place in your outfit. Our exquisitely curated range of mufflers come from the homes of our nationally acclaimed master artisans and since all of them are hand woven, they contain certain characteristics that are unique to them which makes your purchase special and truly one of its kind. Our Rasik handwoven muffler is elegantly handcrafted in the hills of Himachal Pradesh and is a fine piece of work. Although it's made using yarns of a single shade and has a solid design, it goes really well when paired with dark neutrals or cosy pullovers. Our Vintage hand-woven muffler boasts of a perfectly chequered design and was again crafted to perfection in the hills of Himachal Pradesh- Kinnaur.

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