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  1. Ananya Hope Earrings
    Ananya Hope Earrings
    ₹ 5,458
  2. Ruby Coloured Teardrop Earrings
    Ruby Coloured Teardrop Earrings
    ₹ 6,238
  3. Amirah Teardrop Earrings
    Amirah Teardrop Earrings
    ₹ 5,458
  4. Myra Emerald Coloured Earrings
    Myra Emerald Coloured Earrings
    ₹ 7,017
  5. Ahana Emerald Coloured Earrings
    Ahana Emerald Coloured Earrings
    ₹ 5,458
  6. Meenakshi Emerald Coloured Earrings
    Meenakshi Emerald Coloured Earrings
    ₹ 7,798
  7. Nusrat Frill Earrings
    Nusrat Frill Earrings
    ₹ 5,458
  8. Abha Crimson Earrings
    Abha Crimson Earrings
    ₹ 5,458
  9. Rajasthani Azure Earrings
    Rajasthani Azure Earrings
    ₹ 5,458
  10. Sunshine Pearl Earrings
    Sunshine Pearl Earrings
    ₹ 5,458
  11. Regina Maroon Earrings
    Regina Maroon Earrings
    ₹ 12,476
  12. Orelia Teardrop Earrings
    Orelia Teardrop Earrings
    ₹ 5,458

Items 1-12 of 27

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Thewa Jewellery 

Every party demands a new outfit and jewelleries that add different colours to your style and elegance. A jewellery aficionado’s quest for fine jewellery never ends either. With Craft Maestros, you can buy Thewa jewellery online with just a single click.....

With its roots in Rajasthan, the beautiful art of making Thewa jewellery requires a sheet of 24K gold to be finely beaten with a hammer into the thinnest form possible. This is followed by shaping and fine etching of the sheet. The end process includes transferring the newly engraved gold sheet to a glass piece for stability and the end product looks beautiful with the reflection of love and hard work. Check out our catalog of Thewa Jewellery containing the choicest pieces that are crafted with utmost precision.

Buy Thewa Jewellery Designs

Usually, Thewa jewellery designs significant instances from Hindu mythology like Radha Krishna, Hanuman, etc and also speaks of the valour of Rajput kings in the form of delicate motifs that are etched carefully using forceps and cutters. The art of making Thewa was kept a secret for many years by its artisans who belonged to the same lineage. Only male members of the family were taught and allowed to practice this tenuous art. Daughters were kept away from learning the technique because it was believed that after their marriage they will become a part of another family and she might disclose how Thewa designs are made, hence disturbing the monopoly formed by the family of Nathu Ji Ram Soni- the master artisan who invented the entire process in 1700s. However, with time their family became more open about teaching their daughters-in-law to get a much needed helping hand. As of this day, there are several artisans practicing this art as their means of livelihood in the district of Pratapgarh, Rajasthan. We at Craft Maestros are happy to provide you thewa jewellery designs with price that is honest and worth every penny. With every single purchase, you are not only bringing home a beautiful piece of jewellery but also supporting our local artisans who beautifully carve out jewelleries which at times take even weeks to complete.

Thewa Art Jewellery Online

Be it a family function or a gathering of friends, we all love to garner compliments about our clothes, shoes and even accessories. Don on a beautiful traditional or fusion dress and pair it with some nice shoes. Now to complete the look, you would need to pick up your favourite pieces from our exclusive collection and buy Thewa jewellery designs that suit your style and you are ready to make those heads turn.

Every piece at Craft Maestros is carefully selected and goes through rigorous quality checks to ensure that our customers are getting the best. All our products are made in the homes of nationally acclaimed artisans only. Every piece is made with skilled hands and carries with it slight variations which are inherent properties of handmade products. This quality makes your purchase exceptional and one-of-a-kind which also makes your stylish look unique.

Shop with us for some beautiful Thewa Jewellery online and form your own little squad. These jewellery pieces can be a perfect gift for festive occasions and anniversaries, especially if you or your friends have an inclination towards ethnic jewellery. Not only for lovers of fashion jewelry, but Thewa can also be a good pick for those who are admirers and collectors of traditional handicrafts. Remember, with each unique purchase you make you are directly helping a highly skilled artisan who has probably dedicated his/her life in mastering his craft. Our specially curated catalog contains stunning designs of Thewa earrings and necklaces that speak of beauty and elegance.

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