Aesthetically Yours

According to Merriam Webster dictionary, art can be defined as ‘the conscious use of skill and creative imagination especially in the production of aesthetic objects’. 

Often we can find that art is synonymous with human experience and it is not surprising to say that it has always been a part of our lifestyle. However, the above definition of art is a little ambiguous as art is not only limited to creating or producing aesthetic objects or drawing on your own but also surrounding yourself and appreciating even the tiniest pieces of art that you see. 

In a life driven by cut-throat competition and stress, even a glimpse of art and craft acts as a breath of air. While nature has its own ways to fill our lives with beauty and hues in the form of flora and fauna and magnificent sunsets, we at Craft Maestros strive towards bringing in art and culture inside the walls of your lovely homes. 

Until the 17th century, art was never differentiated from crafts or sciences but slowly it became a different set of study altogether- fine arts. While some of us might be having or go for formal education in art, for others it can be a self-developed skill or a family tradition.

Importance of Art

Art is just not a thing you can see or hold between your fingers, art is an emotion- an emotion which has the power to overshadow your gloominess, an emotion that can act as a lullaby and comfort you after long days, an emotion which when expressed has the power to change the society. 

Art has the power to educate, an ability to completely transform a society, an ability to preserve one’s culture and traditions for ages to come. History is a witness of how the exchange of art and artefacts among countries and settlements led to a beautiful mix and match of cultures across the globe. Even today ancient and present indigenous groups can be often seen mixing their crafts (both knowingly and unknowingly).

Even before the scriptures were introduced, people used to draw on walls to express themselves and pass on their knowledge. In order to make rudimentary tools crafts like bone carving and woodwork came into the picture and so on. In our journey to bring flavours of aesthetic and tradition, we have curated an exquisite collection of these crafts and many more. 

Visual Storytelling

India is known to have a rich culture, intense history and meaningful epics- Mahabharata and Ramayana. Interestingly, a lot of our nationally awarded master artisans take inspiration from these historical events. From etching out motifs of Radha Krishna in jewelleries to hand weaving or hand embroidering scenes from battles and Mahabharata, most of our handicraft items are rich in our indigenous culture and tell meaningful stories. Being entirely handmade, all our products carry some distinct features making your purchase truly unique and one of its kind. 

Delivering Art

On embarking our journey to bring out exceptional craft forms from the undiscovered lanes, we realised that there are endless art forms, designs and creativity that deserve more visibility and appreciation. We have made this our mission to deliver fine pieces of handicrafts and handlooms to your doorstep. We have a carefully curated collection to cater to different tastes of our buyers. Most of our products are made under the homes of nationally acclaimed master artisans and come with a certificate of authenticity to ensure that you get nothing but the best, and that too from the finest!