Decorative Coaster Set For Your Beautiful Home

Coasters are one of the most quirky things a home can possess. Not only are coasters a utilitarian item but they also serve their purpose with utmost elegance. Bringing this elegance to your doorstep is our collection of finely handmade coasters from across the country. ...

Charming Hand Painted Tea Coaster

Our beautiful handmade coasters are inspired by the beauty of nature, meticulously made in the homes of our nationally awarded artisans. These coasters are made in traditional techniques that comprise naturally occurring materials.

Made of paper mache, blue pottery and marble in contemporary motifs and patterns, our products are truly one of their kind. Our coasters are made to make your tablescape resplendent and would leave your guests in awe. The uniqueness of our coasters lie in the fact that they are handcrafted by nationally awarded master artisans and each piece is one of a kind, which makes your purchase truly special. Shop now from our beautiful collection of tea coaster and cup coaster.

Why Buy Coasters Online?

Having lots of options available can often cause confusion on what to buy and from where to buy. Craft Maestros provides you with an online platform to conveniently buy everything you need in your home decor’s checklist, by just a click of a button. We have very carefully curated high quality products, to bring to you the finest from the greatest artisans in India. Our coasters will make sure to compliment your cutlery and table linen to make the whole dining experience even better for you and your guests.

How Do Hand Painted Coasters Add To The Ambience Of Your Home?

Since time immemorial, people have expressed their attachment and love for their homes in myriad ways, especially in terms of accessorizing them. From rugs to lamps, vases to quilts, we at Craft Maestros have an immaculate spread of products that we know you would love to adorn your homes with. Amidst all this, we also bring to you a stunning array of a range of products like hand painted decorative plates, handmade coasters and tray online.


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