Brass Casting Online

Brass is an alloy of zinc and copper which makes it quite versatile when it comes to casting. Brass can be easily moulded in day to day items like doorknobs, utensils and even home decor products ...

The origin of metal casting traces back to around 4000 BC where rudimentary tools and methods were used. In due course of time, the entire process evolved with the introduction of modern tools and techniques. Molten brass is carefully poured into a hollow cavity of the desired shape. This mould is allowed to solidify followed by the ejection of the newly made ‘cast’(the solidified part). This cast is further processed using tools like knives, drills and buffing machines. The final product is often treated with chemicals for a shiny finish. You can find a wide range of brass home decor online with us at Craft Maestros, coming straight from the homes of nationally awarded master artisans.

Brass Decor For Home

It is believed that brass captures positive energies around you and helps in destressing you. These properties make brass room decor an excellent choice. Our brass tealight holders are truly one of their kind and can illuminate your home with the goodness of brass. You can also check out our wall hangers and brass incense holders. These handcrafted beauties also make for a perfect house warming gift for your friends and family. Every purchase of yours would come with a certificate of authenticity to ensure that what you have is a genuine product and nothing else. Shop not from our artisanal collection of brass home decor online.

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