Why should you decorate your home with hand knotted rugs

A home that radiates with warmth is one that is wholesome and most loved. These handmade kilim rugs are sure to lend your home that cozy blanket of tranquility and peace with their soft touch. With these handwoven rugs, bring home not only beautiful rugs but also the ancient craft associated with them and the legacy of the master artisan who made them.....

We at Craft Maestros provide you with a gorgeous variety of handmade kilim rugs and kilim carpets to choose from. Spanning across colours and designs, these rugs are all that you need to charm up any room of your home with traditional Indian crafts. Lend your home that extra edge of oomph and style with these traditional hand knotted rugs that come in bold and colourful prints. Inspired by motifs as seen around the world, the vibrant colours and motifs on these kilim rugs are loaded with history, culture and meaning. While the meanings of motifs on these rugs vary depending on region, they also touch upon a variety of themes such as religion, power, nobility and nature. Your home is thus gifted with home décor that is not only soothing to the eye but also contains layers of heritage and meaning.

Battle the harsh winters with a cup of hot chocolate, calming music and a gorgeous kilim carpet lighting up the entire room. Let your living room radiate with the colors of these rugs and all your guests be floored! Let each thread of this rug tell a story, the story of the craft, story of the craftsman. These hand knotted rugs lend a mellow and vintage aura to your home, which not only makes it more aesthetically pleasing but easily becomes the talk of the evening. Do not shy away from flaunting your very special handmade kilim rug that carries a fresh story of its tradition and history.

What is the specialty of these kilim carpets and rugs?

The abundant availability of wool allowed people to weave these comforting hand knotted rugs to battle the harsh cold in the region. These cozy and fuzzy rugs had originated in several parts of Asia where the Turks lived thousands of years ago. This technique of these carpets was spread by the people of Turkey all across the world. Kilim rugs and carpets are made from pileless textiles which are of many uses, produced by several flat-weaving techniques. Hand knotted rugs continue to be treasured around the world for their vibrant colors, distinctive motifs, and patterns and superior quality. While Kilim rugs and carpets began as items that were meant for protection against harsh climates, they soon became a symbol of style and beauty. And here at Craft Maestros, we bring to you a stunning assortment of our stunning rugs to embellish your home.

The process of making hand knotted rugs and kilim carpets?

The hand knotted technique was the most used method to make hand-knotted rugs. The technique involves the tightening of threads on a loom which are knotted together. Strands of wool or silk are tied on the warp (threads running vertically or the length of rug), cut, then compressed by the weft (threads running horizontally or across the width of the rug). A tighter knot signifies a finer and stronger rug. Before knotting the rugs, the hand knotted rugs were designed by hand by a skilled artist. Every thread of these rugs tells a story, story of the artisan, story of the technique and sotry of the land that it came from. Most kilim rugs are pile-woven, the knots tied by hand to the warp strings. Gaining influence under the Persian patronage, this craft of handmaking carpets and rugs became so renowned, that now these hand knotted rugs are sold online across the world.

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