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Buy Indian Miniature Paintings after Familiarizing Yourself with their History

Miniature paintings refer to finely painted portraits placed on a wooden, ivory or copper surface. The minimalistic appearance of these paintings is what gives them the name of “miniature” paintings. This form of painting began to flourish and establish itself as an art form from the early 16th century and continued until the 19th century. Owing to its small size, less than 25 square inches, miniature paintings were popularized majorly. In our endeavour to bring ancient crafts to your homes to suit your modern aesthetic, we bring to you these stunning paintings with our collection of Mughal miniature paintings for sale, straight from the hands of a National Awardee and Padma Shree artisan!..

The meticulous brushstrokes of these kinds of paintings are what make these colourful handmade paintings beautiful and unique. The vibrant colours of these paintings are derived from natural elements like fruits and vegetables. While miniature paintings in India primarily revolved around ragas or musical notes, they are now made on a variety of objects like birds, insects, and animals and now you can easily buy miniature paintings online with us! The Palas of Bengal were believed to be the pioneers of miniature painting in India however, the art form flourished the most in the Mughal period. The traditions and art form of miniature painting was taken further and developed better by Rajasthani artists. 

When miniature paintings had become popular in the Mughal courts, they began to include majestic portrayals of kings and their royal courts. These paintings began to echo the valour and bravery of these rulers. However, with time, the nature and intent of these miniature paintings changed. 

Our collection of antique miniature paintings for sale includes a variety of themes and objects, ensuring that you have a gamut of options to choose from. Indulge in the world of miniature paintings with our collection and choose the one which fits the ambiance of your home the most! Welcome home these stunning paintings along with the rich legacy and tradition associated with the craft of miniature paintings.

We at Craft Maestros bring to you a variety of Mughal miniature paintings for sale as stunning home décor products to adorn the walls of your home with. These paintings bring along with them a sense of legacy, a sense of tradition and a sense of pride in the nation’s heritage. With these paintings, your homes will ooze the radiance and charm of miniature paintings. 

 Antique Indian Miniature Paintings for Sale at Craft Maestros!

In our endeavour to collate crafts from across the country under one single platform, we bring to you these fine paintings from Jaipur. With each stroke adding a layer of beauty to these paintings, these paintings are artistic masterpieces. Culminating elements from history with the exquisite skill of our master craftsmen is our collection of Mughal miniature paintings for sale.

The walls are the pillars on which a house stands. But for that house to become a home, it is imperative for these very walls and the interiors of the house to radiate with an aura of warmth, style, and grace. It is with these miniature paintings that this can be achieved. We at Craft Maestros invite you to buy Indian miniature paintings and add the artistic charm held within the strokes of these paintings to your home. Glance around your home and take a pick from our elaborate and stunning range of antique miniature paintings for sale. Lend your home a visually appealing, calming and stylistic atmosphere with these miniature paintings. 

From the raging hues of a tiger to the soothing tones of a butterfly, we at Craft Maestros have a marvellous range of Mughal miniature paintings. Each painting in our collection is skilfully hand-painted, each stroke mindfully placed, by our Padma Shree master artisan who believes in the power of each stroke of his. Choose a miniature painting according to the settings and mood of your home as there is no dearth of choices while you buy Indian miniature paintings on Craft Maestros.  

We understand the importance you associate with your home, it is your special space, a special haven. Endeavouring to deliver to you what your home deserves, we, at Craft Maestros, provide you with a stunning range of Mughal miniature paintings for sale. Gone are the days when you had to scavenge through busy and dingy markets for that perfect painting for your home. We at Craft Maestros care for your home and its interior design which is why we allow you to buy miniature paintings online, meticulously hand-painted. Do not hesitate to purchase your very special miniature painting for the walls of your home or get one as a gift for a loved one. 


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