Aligning Technology With The World of Handicrafts

The world around us is moving at a warp speed. Technology has brought the world to our doorstep, and things we never thought possible have changed the way we function in the span of a few years. And COVID-19 has further hastened the digitisation process. When the pandemic struck, there was a shift in the way in which enterprises functioned — a number of businesses moved online, the hospitality sector contracted in a big way, and several companies have started to look at work-from-home as a new business model for the future. Components of digitisation have thus become important conversation points for the "future" that the pandemic has thrust upon us all.



So, how can companies in the handicrafts sector align an increasingly digital reality with a centuries-old tradition? We believe the answer is simple — authenticity. As a platform, when we think about authenticity, we don’t mean just originality and genuineness. We are motivated by the need to be true to ourselves and our Maestros who make our enterprise possible, to the values that we espouse, and to you — our loyal customers. We are driven by the need to create value for our artisans, ensuring that their work is carried to every appreciative nook and corner of your homes and hearts.

At Craft Maestros, we have an integrated decentralised setup — with regional centers of excellence to revitalise local initiatives. We believe in the power of increasing infrastructure in this space, to encourage artisans to come together and showcase their art across the world. A few months ago, our co-founder Ajay Arjit Singh spoke at a FICCI webinar on "Recrafting and Tailoring Artisanal Practices for a New Digital Economy" alongside a panel of esteemed speakers in this space. He highlighted that instead of fighting it, we can use elements of digitalisation — to communicate the stories of artisans, to engage demand and to foster value and respect for the heritage behind Indian crafts.



Technology, if used the right way, can prove to be a catalyst of tremendous change; a force for immense good. Having far-removed corners of the world at our fingertips has ushered in the possibility for innovation that can change lives. And it is precisely with this mindset that we have started Craft Maestros. Our platform serves as a bridge, curating the best (products), from the best (master artisans) , for the best (you — our customers)! Taking what we can from what digital tech has to offer, we want to bring artisans to our platform so that their work can be appreciated on a world stage.



We honestly believe that God is in the details, in each practised engraving, in every warp and weft, in each intricate brushstroke. Our Maestros have gifts so overwhelmingly pure that they can only come from a divine place. Technology is an opportunity to share these gifts, giving them the recognition and place they deserve. We hope that we can do justice to this opportunity, grasping it with both hands to push forth into a world that appreciates the wonder of Indian Handicrafts.