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Online Accessories for Men and Women

Be it accessorising your look or ornamenting your home and offices, Craft Maestros is the place where you have to be to seek the perfect handcrafted options. The online store has traditionally handcrafted pieces, accessories for men, accessories for women, and handmade accessories for home decor. ...

The Winter Style Guide

Accessorising a look in winters can be a tricky task. No matter how fancy or designer clothes you wear, the process of layering can make them look a little out of place. However, Indians have been nailing this art of creating stunning winter looks by using accessories like shawls, mufflers, and stoles. These gender-neutral pieces of clothing are not just super comfortable and stylish but are extremely functional in keeping you warm.

Craft Maestros collections of stoles, mufflers, and shawls for men and women are handcrafted by skilled artisans using crafts forms like Kinnauri, Dhabla, and Aksi. The materials used are wool and silk.

The designs are inspired by traditional Indian motifs and abstract patterns, signature to each form of embroidery and weave. These affordable pieces will keep you warm and stylish even during the harshest of winters.

Handcrafted Masks For Better Health

Face Masks have become an integral and important part of everyone’s life these days. Handcrafted facemasks by Craftsmaestros are not just beautiful to look at but also ensure 100% protection from all forms of viruses and other pollutants & allergens. Made in pure cotton, these masks are hand-painted in traditional Madhubani form, which includes natural botanical patterns and scenes from regular life. The colour options will leave you awestruck.

Styling The Hair Handcrafted Way

Craft Maestros accessories collection also includes stunning handcrafted hair pins made using material like bones and woods. These exquisitely-crafted pieces are inspired by the age-old style of creating hair accessories for women and are given a contemporary touch by introducing modern design elements.

Handcrafted Stationery

Another stunning offering by Craft Maestros handmade collection is stationery items like paper-cutters, pen-holders, bookmarks, and handmade notebooks. These eco-friendly creations are made using sustainable materials like bones, wood, metal, recycled paper, and colours. They are going to be a stunning addition to your study spaces at home and even at the office.

These pocket-friendly accessories are going to leave you mesmerised with their intricate detail images and varied design & colour options. Also, having beautiful stationery at your study desk can help you concentrate and perform the tasks better.

Handcrafted Home Accessories

Jewellery boxes, trinket holders, and decorative containers along with other beautiful accessories to make your home look more stylish and suave are amongst the most successful offerings by CraftsMaestros. Created using traditional Indian crafts like paper mache, wood and bone carvings, metal shaping, and designing etc, these accessories will give your home a more personalised look.

The collection also contains handcrafted tote bags that are quite spacious and stylish. Made using quilting and hand-painting techniques, these tote bags can be a sustainable solution to replace plastic bags. They are also very easy to clean and maintain.

When you buy any of these home and styling accessories from Craft Maestros, you support the traditional Indian handicraft and a sustainable future. All the artisans working with the firm are well-trained, having years of experience and meticulous skills in crafting the most authentic and beautiful pieces.

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