History of Indian Sandalwood Carvings

Sandalwood is a product that is known for its myriad uses. While it is used for its medicinal and spiritual benefits, it is also a product of immense religious importance. Sandalwood is found in abundance in Karnataka and its distinct aroma is what makes it noticeable all the more. Its earliest use has been that of creating deities and carving mythological scenes on the pillars of old religious settlements. Indian Sandalwood carving has been practiced in Karnataka for ages which has led to the popularity of the intricately carved figurines with exquisite detailing, in Karnataka and eventually spreading to the entire country. Sandalwood carvings India thus found their genesis in the bountiful state of Karnataka. These carvings have now become an important piece of India’s legacy and heritage, almost acting as a mirror to reflect the rich heritage of the nation...

Indian sandalwood carvings require a variety of very simple objects which is surprising since the end products look immensely gorgeous. The process of making these carvings, however, requires much attention to detail. The pattern and designs to be produced on the sandalwood are first drawn on a sheet of paper which is then placed on a whitewashed piece of sandalwood. Following this, the design is meticulously carved on the sandalwood keeping in mind its texture and the curve and shade effects that are to be achieved. 

Sandalwood carvings in India are a very old tradition and have been part of the cultural and historical fabric of India since the time it had found its mention in the Ramayana. Indian sandalwood carving has been used for making beads and combs as well. Owing to its aromatic scent, it has been used in several Buddhist and Hindu rituals as incense as well. From its use in holy shrines and as religious deities to its utilitarian use as beads and combs, sandalwood carving in India has come a long way. We at Craft Maestros have brought to you a remarkable collection of sandalwood carvings online in India for adorning your home with the most stunning and historically rich home décor products ever. 

How to adorn your home with Indian Sandalwood carvings?

From the grand darbaars to the massive entrances of havelis and palaces, sandalwood carving is known for its widespread uses for aesthetic and other purposes. While sandalwood carvings were used to adorn palatial structures of queens and kings in the ancient times, they have also been used for a variety of medicinal, ritualistic and spiritual purposes. 

While its origin was seated in the heart of the bountiful state of Karnataka, these Indian sandalwood carvings are now found all over the country and outside the country too. The myriad purposes for which these sandalwood carvings are used have allowed it to stand out as a brilliant home décor product and a stunning example for the art and craft in India. 

Indian sandalwood carvings make for brilliant home décor and gifts which is why we at Craft Maestros bring to you an exquisite collection of these carvings to adorn your home. Embellish your home with our wonderful collection of sandalwood carvings and allow them to lend an elegant personality with their intricately beautiful designs and patterns. 

Buy Sandalwood Carvings Online in India

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