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Connoisseurs of art like us are often on a lookout for some home decor online stores India from where we can get authentic products with fine craftsmanship. Craft Maestros is a platform from where you can buy decorative items online with a certificate of authenticity and the story of the master artisan behind the craft. Bring home the beauty of Indian handicrafts products with our range of exquisite handicrafts only from the homes of National, Shilp Guru and Padma Shri Awardees and highly recognized master artisans. ...

What Makes Our Home Decor Products Special?

Our pledge at Craft Maestros is to provide our customers with the best experience of buying home decor online India. When you buy handmade products from us, you welcome home a piece of the rich heritage of India. Each product at Craft Maestros is part of a lineage and history; each piece drips with the artisan’s skill and passion. It is not only a handmade product but an expression of the diverse culture of India and our love for it. With Craft Maestros, you can order home decor online whenever and wherever you wish to.

Each product at Craft Maestros comes with our personal guarantee and a certificate of authenticity. You receive a genuine handmade product along with the story of the craftsman whose hands helped craft the product. Choose us for a seamless home decor shopping experience.

Indulge In Home Decor Online Shopping With Our Pieces

Each house is a special space, a safe haven of love and comfort. We understand the value you attach to your house and we’re here to help you make your home even more special. Your house is unique and so should be each home décorative items you place in it. Craft Maestros brings to you exquisite home decor accents to liven up your safe haven. If you’ve been on the lookout for handmade decorative products online or have rummaged through home decor online stores in India, look no more. For the interior designer and art connoisseur in you, we have curated the finest handmade products only from the greatest craftsmen in the country. Your search for home decor accents ends here. Visit Craft Maestros to find the choicest pieces and do home decor online shopping for the same.

Decorating your house can be a difficult and time-consuming task. With our wide collection of home decoration items online at Craft Maestros, we make this task easier for you. All your home decor online shopping needs can be met at Craft Maestros along with premium quality products.

What Are Home Decor Items?

Home decor accents are pieces that can be used to amplify the look of your space including curtains, showpieces, decorative craft pieces, paintings, plants, planters, vases and many more. If you’re on the lookout for handmade decorative pieces to add an aura of sophistication to your home, buy home decor items online at Craft Maestros and receive 100% authentic products.

Types of Home Decorative Items

While there are endless possibilities for home decorative pieces, we at Craft Maestros have our carefully curated catalogues in place to help you in choosing the best from the finest

  • Tealights: Tealights not only make for amazing room decoration pieces but also illuminates the room and help in mood lighting.
  • Wall hangers: Apart from adding their aesthetic appeal, wall hangers come handy when it comes to making your room a little less cluttered. You can hang your keys, scarves or coats to these.
  • Brass showpieces: We have curated an exquisite range of brass products procured from the homes of our nationally awarded artisans. From Ganesha idol and beautifully engraved conches for your mandir to little brass sculptures for your house decoration- we have them all!
  • Decorative plates: If you find your walls to be filled with more shades of colours then you should definitely go for our hand-painted plates made up using the technique of blue pottery.
  • Decorative boxes: Little boxes come in handy to store your trinkets and other things that we tend to lose easily. Our beautiful boxes can indeed be some good addition to your room decoration items.
  • Hanging diyas: Diyas are not only used for prayers and illumination but are also proven to be excellent choices to adorn your pretty homes with. We have added some exquisite hand-engraved brass diyas to our collection to put in some elements of Indian home decor.

Home Decoration Items Online

Some of us may like to stroll around and busy markets sparkling with all kinds of decorative pieces but not many of us have that kind of time in our busy lives. We at Craft Maestros have come to your rescue as our platform allows you to shop for beautiful home decor products just at the click of a button. We have a wide range of products ranging from little tea lights to decorative bowls and plates and all of them are handmade with love in the homes of our nationally awarded or highly acclaimed artisans.

How To Decorate Your Home With Our Handcrafted Pieces?

Leave all your worries about your home decor shopping and buy handmade products from us. Our handmade products are carefully curated to aid you as you add value, art and ancient crafts to your home. Home your plants in our splendid flower vases, breathe life into a mundane coffee table with our various designer home accents and liven up any wall with our fine wall decor paintings. Amplify your study table with our brass paperweights or accentuate your neat walls with hand-painted decorative plates. Add some ancient craft to your daily puja routine with our brass handmade figurines, bells, and gongs. Sparkle your evenings with our hand-painted blue pottery tea lights or place those vogue candles in hand-painted candle plates. Give your house the best living room wall decor with our pieces! While you’re on this, don’t forget the exteriors too! Place our antique hand-cast decorative locks on your doors and give them an ancient charm. From antique flower vases to contemporary brass accents, we have a vast collection from where you can buy decorative items online.

When you buy home decor online from us, you can avail a special discount of 10% on your first purchase! We promise you an impeccable experience where you order home decor online.

  • What are home decor products?

Home decor products come under a broad spectrum that can contain any item that can be used to beautify and make our homes stand out. From a simple brass accent to beautiful rugs to table coasters, anything can be coined under a home decor product.

  • What are decorative items?

The items that we use/can be used to decorate our homes/gardens/offices etc. can be called as decorative items. These contain glassware, metalware, wall paintings, rugs and carpets, etc.


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