Handmade Woolen Shawls Online to Complement Your Personality

Shawls are some of the most underrated accessories one can possess in their wardrobe! Not only does it help keep you warm on the chilliest days but also on days when the temperature is just slightly chilly but not chilly enough for a sweater. This is when our handmade woolen shawls come in. Keep yourself warm and cosy all through winters with our stunning shawls while adding radiant colours to each outfit. Any outfit can be amped up with an elegant shawl.



Handmade Shawls Online in India

A land that holds crafts in each nook and corner, India’s identity is almost defined by the multitude of crafts woven in its fabric. India has historically been a prominent trader of textiles and Indian weavers have always been highly appreciated for their excellent weaving skills. A fine specimen of this skillset is our collection of handmade woolen shawls! Procured from different corners of the country from the homes of national awardee master artisans, these shawls will add a bit of tradition and a touch of glamour to your attire!

Kinnauri Shawls from the Himalayas

Flaunting traditional colours are the elegant and subtle shawls from Kullu, Himachal Pradesh. Featuring only a limited spectrum of colours, each colour in these shawls stands for a particular element including soil, water and fire. The Kullu shawls designs seen in this collection of ours owe their existence to the direct influence of the Tibetan culture seen in the verdant valleys of Himachal Pradesh. The two cultures mingle beautifully to birth these graceful shawls. Also popularly known as Kullu Shawls, these shawls are made of pure wool and are an absolute delight to flaunt.

The patterns as seen in these shawls are a tribute to the myriad aspects that constitute the Tibetan culture. Drawing inspiration from the various elements of the Tibetan culture, this collection of Kullu shawls online is hand-woven in pit looms for days by teams of skilled weavers. Not only is this the reason for their visually stunning appearance but it also adds a layer of personality to the Kinnauri shawl design.

Pair our Ngagpa Handwoven Stole with a solid red kurti and make all heads turn! These shawls can be used to craft an interesting ensemble with contemporary and traditional elements put together. A specimen of traditional shawls is our Himachali Handwoven Shawl, a vision in black!

Dhabla Shawls from Kutch

A significant part of the history and the culture of Gujarat, these shawls have become a prominent part of every man and woman’s attire in the region. The radiant colours add to the vibrancy of the attire, making sure that the ensemble reflects the culture of the region.

Dhabla Shawls were traditionally woven in pieces, keeping in mind the narrowness of the looms available to the weavers at the time. However, this trend has changed now with the size of the looms increasing. These shawls were woven by the Rabari women, a community of weavers popularly associated with Gujarati shawls. The motifs used to be a reflection of the prevalent everyday elements of the lives of people, but now, mostly jaal and geometric motifs have become popular. These shawls used to be extremely heavy initially, owing to their thickness and heaviness to the extremely cold climate prevalent in the region. The current version of these shawls is also quite heavy but not as warm as it initially used to be.

Gujarat shawls are a sight for sore eyes. When mellow colours and designs have become the fashion trend, these shawls will add the correct amount of zing to your attire and make you stand out. To bring a piece of Kutch into your wardrobe, Craft Maestros has curated the best of the best from Kutch weavers. Our collection of Gujarat shawls online will help you welcome a bit of Gujarati culture into your lives. Hand woven in the homes of National Award winners in Kutch and handpicked with the utmost love and care for you, these shawls are the finest handmade woolen shawls you can lay your hands on!

Our Sahana Handwoven Shawl will add tradition and elegance to your attire with its white base and intricate and colourful border! Our Ojasvi Handwoven Shawl and Brin Handwoven Shawl will make any sober outfit stand out with their vibrant colours, reflecting the colourful land of Gujarat.

Bringing to you the best Kinnauri Shawls online is part of our endeavour to make ancient crafts of India available to you easily. Each piece of ours is handwoven by a National Award winner, ensuring that you only receive the best of the best, from the best. Every piece goes through multiple quality checks to see to it that we only deliver the best to you.

Our collection of Gujarati shawls online is one of the finest you will come across. Every piece in this collection is handwoven in the home of a nationally recognized artisan over days, thus translating a bit of the skill and emotion of the artisan in the threads of each shawl. A combination of the crafts of dhabla weaving, bandhani and mirrorwork shawls, the aesthetic value of these shawls goes far beyond beauty and reflects the exuberant culture of the rich land of Gujarat. No outfit of yours will ever look drab once paired with any of these vibrantly coloured and intricately designed shawls!

Add some of our handmade woolen shawls to your wardrobe and make sure you are all geared up for this winter season!

Designer Stoles Online

Whenever you are on a lookout for some subtle accessories, stoles come in handy as they are often light in weight and wrap around one’s neck beautifully. At Craft Maestros, we have a highly curated range of elegant stoles that can be paired up with almost every outfit of yours. While our Yauvani handwoven stole is adorned with red tie and dye patterns, our Niha handwoven stole draws inspiration from the bandhani work of Gujarat.

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