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Cotton Quilt Online

A good quilt to your bedding is like what music is to the soul; it is comforting, welcoming, warming, and caring. A good quilt can give you a beautiful night of sleep by just being there. And it’s even better if it’s handmade, sewn with love, and filled with the warmth of care. Craft Maestros handcrafted quilts are something that you cannot miss. These quilts online are ruling the handwoven linen market! ...

These cotton quilts, made in Jaipuria style, are to die for. The elegant patterns, the subtle colours, the eternal softness, and the affordable pricing make them more than special. They can not just make your bed feel like heaven but can also make your bedroom look like royalty; adding a dash of vintage to contemporary styling.

Handmade Quilts For The Love

For centuries, Indian women are sewing quilts for their families, stuffing them with pure cotton to beat the harsh winter heats. These light-weight yet super warm quilts are made to offer warmth and a night of peaceful sleep.

The Jaipuri Razai is set to have been created first in the 16th century to cater to the strict vegetarianism rules of the region. Since Rajasthan used to get utterly cold during the nights because of its geographical location, the people there had to find a way to keep themselves warm without using the long-standing methods of creating warmers using leather and wool. They, therefore, developed this quilt-making style in which cotton sheets are sewn together and stuffed with cotton wool.

Over the centuries, the quilts became quite popular across the country because of their light-weight and intricate designing. CraftMaestros with its handcrafted collection is aiming to keep this traditional art alive and has involved skilled designers and artisans who are making modern Jaipuri Quilts and quilt covers using the traditional block printing, sewing and stuffing methods.

Purchase The Warmest Handcrafted Quilts Online

CraftMaestros’ designers are working on a sustainable handcrafting business, wherein the modern world gets to enjoy the beauty and live with a royal style of the gone era. The whole home decor and apparel range by the website is to die for.

It’s Jaipuri quilt collection online is also a fruit of incessant hard work by a splendid team of designers and creators. Each quilt is made with the utmost care and meticulous precision. The soothing patterns will go beautifully well with the aesthetics of your bedroom. The natural patterns give a very rustic and raw look to the whole collection. Made with 100% pure cotton, these quilts are hand painted and sewn by well-trained artisans. These are light-weight, skin-friendly, and the perfect companion for a good night’s sleep. Their beauty is enough to leave you dazed. Make sure you buy one to make your evenings more happy, relaxing, and comfortable!

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