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Bed Sheet Dohar Online

Dohar, literally translating to two layers, is a traditional Indian blanket that traces its roots to the state of Rajasthan. Different from quilts and blankets, Dohar is a special kind of warmer that comes in two two-three layers, usually made of mulmul & cotton, and block printed in traditional Rajasthani motifs. They keep the body heat intact and prevent the body from getting cold. The material of the Dohar also prevents the body from sweating, thereby maintaining a perfect temperature. The Dohar blankets are perfect for the transition season between summers and winters and can also be layered further depending on the weather. . ...

Crafts Maestros offers you the best collection of traditional single bed Dohar and double bed Dohar online. The blankets are made of pure cotton and mulmul fabrics and hand painted using the block painting technique by skilled artisans. Each blanket is crafted by hand by a team of experts who work under award-winning designers. The sizes are cut perfectly according to the industry standards. Every single Dohar blanket passes through stringent tests and quality control before reaching your home to keep you warm and cosy. The traditional arts are celebrated in a vibrant manner in each piece of CraftMaestros Dohar sets.

The Dohar Season

India is a place of many kinds of weather and every season comes with its unique beauty. Dohar blankets suit the transitory season between summers and winters the best when the weather is a little chilly but not really cold. The multiple layers of the Dohar maintain just the right body temperature and provide a cosy space for people to lay into.

CraftsMaestros collection of cotton Dohar online is crafted to offer the same comfort and bring the traditional Rajasthani handicraft to the world. These uber comfortable and chic single and double bed Dohar sets are soft on the skin, the designs are soothing to the soul, and their beauty is matchless.

You can purchase these to make your bedroom a more warm and welcoming space. They will also add a lot of personality to the room with their fresh and soothing colour schemes, their natural designs, and the whole touch of traditional meets modern art.

The Best Single and Double Bed Dohar Online

Craft Maestros is a platform known for its commitment to the traditional arts of the country and creating 100% authentic stuff. Our Dohars online are made of the purest and cosiest mulmul and hand-block printed in the homes of master artisans.

There is a huge range of colours available to suit the interiors of your bedroom and also your own personal style. The affordable Dohar sets, available for both single and double beds, are the most premium in the market. They promise utmost comfort, sleek style, and an authentic touch of indigenous handicrafts to your homes. These Dohar are easy to maintain, can be washed & cleaned easily, and also used for longer periods of time. The fabric care for these Dohar sets is also quite a cakewalk. They go well with all forms of bedding and are a great gifting option too.

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