Diary as a symbol of one’s personality

Since ages, diaries have come to be of personal significance. People confide in their diaries, share their deepest and darkest secrets with their diaries, pen down their favourite quotes, recipes or poems in them and so much more. ..

Due to this personal attachment of a person to their diary, we at Craft Maestros have brought to you an exquisite collection of hand block printed diaries. What is better than a diary for your thought, you may ask. And the answer to that would be: one that looks stunning too. With breathtaking hand block printed patterns, these diaries have stories of their own to narrate. The mellow tones juxtaposed with bold and precise block prints lend the diary an aesthetically powerful appearance. The colours and patterns are inviting and are sure to pull you into their charms to use your hand block printed diary more often.  

To soothe the creativity bubbling inside you, a diary is your best pal. Start journaling your thoughts or get creative with these stunning diaries and turn them into a creative masterpiece! While diaries are essentially utilitarian items, these handmade diaries online serve the dual purpose of being a utilitarian product while also an aesthetic one. These diaries with their immaculate block prints, balancing and contrasting colours are sure to crank the oomph factor of the visual impact of your study table a notch higher. Apart from personal use, you can buy handcrafted diary from us which will make for a beautiful gift for a special one. Gift this thoughtful item to an artistic friend who has a penchant for writing and aesthetics. Craft Maestros offers a wide range of handmade diaries in myriad prints, colours and patterns straight from the homes of nationally recognized master artisans. Each of these diaries is a specimen of the skill of these artisans and a piece of the legacy of their craft. Do not hesitate to purchase this product and liven up your table with a captivating hand block printed diary!

Sanganeri Block Printed Diaries

The colourful legacy of Sanganer comes alive in these handcrafted diaries precisely block printed to lend them their stunning appearance. With attention to the utmost detail, different blocks are carved featuring different designs and motifs. These blocks are dipped in various natural or AZO-free colours and then carefully placed on the fabric. Multiple blocks are used for a single pattern to come together which requires a skilled and practiced hand. Printing is a detailed process but certain irregularities are inevitable and this is what makes Sanganeri printing unique and worth buying. Craft Maestros' amazing collection of block printed diaries makes this interesting and visually stunning craft available to you in the form of quaint and quirky diaries!

Buy handcrafted Diary Online

Shopping online is just a click away with these gorgeous handcrafted diaries available online at the click of a button. Buy these diaries featuring stunning block prints and patterns at reasonable prices. Buy hand block printed diaries as a special and thoughtful gift for someone dear to you and make them feel special. No better gift than a handcrafted diary to make that special one see just how special they are. We at Craft Maestros bring you the best assortment of handmade diaries online. Each piece in our collection is handcrafted over a period of days in the homes of our national award winner master artisan, making sure that the piece you receive is of premium quality and design. Welcome this mindfully made and consciously curated piece, a very special hand block printed diary, into your home along with the traditions of the crafts printed on its fabric.


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