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  1. NEW
    Fortis Bottle with Glass Set
    Fortis Bottle with Glass Set
    ₹ 1,904
  2. Mirani Dual Toned Lamp
    Mirani Dual Toned Lamp
    ₹ 7,788
  3. Rahma Brass Planter
    Rahma Brass Planter
    ₹ 4,484
  4. Amal Brass Planter
    Amal Brass Planter
    ₹ 3,422
  5. Aquamarine Brass Planter
    Aquamarine Brass Planter
    ₹ 4,484
  6. Minai Brass Planter
    Minai Brass Planter
    ₹ 3,408
  7. Safavid Dual-Toned Lamp
    Safavid Dual-Toned Lamp
    ₹ 8,103
  8. Golden Mughal Lamp
    Golden Mughal Lamp
    ₹ 8,955
  9. NEW
    Miray Wall Plate
    Miray Wall Plate
    ₹ 4,130
  10. NEW
    Arezo Hand-Engraved Plate
    Arezo Hand-Engraved Plate
    ₹ 4,012
    Sold Out
  11. NEW
    Kalhora Dual Toned Lamp
    Kalhora Dual Toned Lamp
    ₹ 10,679

Items 1-12 of 28

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Metal Engraving Home Decor

We can’t stress enough whenever we say that your home decor is an apt expression of your personality and thoughts, hence making it extremely important to pick only the right pieces for your home and positioning them at the right places. Excess of decorative accents will make your home look messy and the lack of the same can give an empty and hollow feel. We at Craft Maestros ensure that each and every home decor enthusiast get something or the other for their liking- without compromising on the quality of products, budget and delivery time. Check out our artisanal collection of metal engraving home decor online to shop for some of the finest metal crafts from the comfort of your home. ...

Metal Crafts Online

‘Engraving’ is a practice of incising design or designs onto a hard surface (metal, glass, steel, etc) by cutting grooves into it with the use of tools like knives, chisels and drills among others. The history of the craft of metal engraving goes back to time immemorial. People began using this technique to make day to day utility objects. With time, the craft evolved and in a way began dominating the crafts industry. The engraving and metalworks hub is situated in Moradabad, Uttar Pradesh- making it a very important centre of exports. At Craft Maestros, you can get your hands on the finest of metal crafts online in just a few clicks of your mouse or a few taps on your screen.

Keeping the ever-changing trends and styles in mind, we have curated an exquisite collection of metal engraving products online to ensure each and every customer of ours finds something of their taste. Not just the designs, but we ensure the highest quality and impeccable craftsmanship at all levels. To make sure our customers get pleased with their package, we have trained our master craftsmen about packaging and tagging. Every product goes through rigorous quality checks before being securely packed and dispatched.

Metal Engraving Lamps Online

Lamps make for amazing home decor items that not only add an ornamental value but is quite useful to illuminate your favourite spots or corners. Having a table lamp on your bedside table spruce up your bedroom and its shade can be used as mood lighting as well. Our Safavid Dual Toned and Kalhora Dual Toned lamps are among our top sellers. Their intricate etching of flowers and floral vines are appreciated by everyone alike. What’s more- they come with milky coloured lampshades that enhance the overall look and feel of our popular lamps

Metal Engraving Planters Online

Plants add a lot of colours, freshness and liveliness to our humble abodes- in fact, they can make for amazing companions as well! Some plant enthusiasts have even admitted they talk and hug their plants often and as a response- their plants show better growth and look more lively. To capture this emotion of all the plant lovers and of course- to cater to the tastes of connoiseurs of handicrafts, we have carefully curated a collection of metal planters online. These planters would make for great indoor planters and add freshness and greenery to your homes inside out. You can find copper planters, aluminium planters and brass planters online with us at Craft Maestros at great prices. What are you waiting for now, go and get yours soon!

Metal Engraving Plate Online

Our Arezo Hand-Engraved Brass plate is truly one of its kind. With its intricate engraving and flowing floral and leafy motifs, it can be beautifully used both as a centrepiece and as wall decor. Its brassy colour is as such that it would complement both your dark as well as light coloured walls.

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