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Ajrakh Dupattas Online

Dupattas have been an important part of our culture since time immemorial. Solids, embroidered or printed- we love and grace them all. We at Craft Maestros have curated a special range of Ajrakh print dupattas for your liking. ...

‘Ajrakh’ is one of the oldest block print techniques which is resist-dyed using natural dyes like madder or indigo. What makes this hand-block printing special is that the printing is done on both sides of the fabric with a total of 14-16 varied stages of dyeing and printing. On average, a dupatta takes around 20 days to get completed and the result comes out to be a mesmerizing print over a soft fabric that is very comfortable and elegant to adorn.

Named after the tiny village of Ajrakhpur which is situated in Gujarat, Khatri community of Muslims has devoted their lives to this craft since generations. Not only this but some Ajrakh artefacts have been excavated from the remains of the of Indus Valley Civilizations as well- Harappa and Mohenjo-daro. Ajrakh prints can be mostly found in indigo blue and crimson red backgrounds, owing to the natural dyes that are being used. You can shop for some beautiful flowy ajrakh dupattas online at Craft Maestros.

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