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Tarkashi Box Online to Adorn Your Home

Rajasthan prides itself as a land that has been a home to several artforms and crafts. Blue Pottery, ivory carvings, thewa art form and several other crafts have found their genesis in this glorious state. One such magnificent craft is that of Tarkashi. Tarkashi involves the highly technical and meticulous method of inlaying brass, silver or copper wires (called “taar” in Hindi) in wood. Having originated in the 19th century, it is often seen in association with architecture and the art of carving wood. It is said that this artform originated in a time when artisans were invited to Jaipur to help in its beautification. With our goal to make all crafts of India accessible to the common man, we have brought to you a specimen of crafts handmade tarkashi box!..

The craft of Tarakashi can be seen in variety of structures like tables, door panels, lamps, flower pots, etc. The designs and patterns of the decoration range from geometrical patterns to floral motifs. Teak is the kind of wood which is mostly used in this craft owing to its oily texture which makes it easier for the metal wires to be placed properly. The process of inlaying the wire into the wood is very intricate and laborious process. The design is first carved onto the wood where deep grooves are made following which the wires are placed in these grooves. For the wires to stay in place, they are hammered firmly into the wood. Finally, they are given a shiny polish and finish. Buy Tarkashi Box Online and make sure this exquisite product becomes a part of your home!

Tarkashi products make for beautiful ornaments for one’s home. Tarkashi boxes make best gifts when they are given as jewellery boxes or a petite and precious safe. We at Crafts allow you to buy crafts handmade Tarkashi boxes to lend your home that extra layer of style and vintage aura. Let your home exude the tales of this historical craft along with the skill of the master artisan who crafted each piece for you meticulously, lending it a personal touch.

Let Exquisite Tarkashi Boxes Add Some Artistic Charm to Your Home

The North Western provinces of India have always boasted of numerous skilled artisans and a sea of stunning artforms and crafts. One such craft is that of the Tarkashi. The painstakingly elaborate process of Tarkashi reflects the art and craft that was prevalent during the Mughal era. The intricately carved floral and geometrical pattern give it a look of royal magnificence. These crafts handmade Tarkashi boxes carry with them a history of regal brilliance from the land of Rajasthan. 

Instead of surfing through markets to look for ancient yet priceless products like these Tarkashi boxes, we at Craft Maestros now bring to you a fantastic range of handmade Tarkashi boxes online. Be it for a corner in your living room or on the mantelpiece in your bedroom, these handmade Tarkashi boxes are bound to light up the entire room with their vintage yet supremely sophisticated aura. The rich colour of the wood complements beautifully with the gloss from the metal wires which goes on to complete a look of sheer brilliance. 

Allow this gorgeous handmade Tarkashi box to be the star and the talk of an evening get together. Do not hesitate to buy Tarkashi boxes online from Craft Maestros where we present to you the best quality products for your home. 

Buy Tarkashi Box Online

Gone are the days of hunting for the choicest antique products for your home in crowded market places. We at Craft Maestros care for your home and feel that you deserve the best home décor products to give it the beauty it deserves. We thus present you with an attractive collection of vintage Tarkashi boxes and cases. Buy crafts handmade Tarkashi boxes in an array of brilliant designs and patterns. Tarkashi boxes online available now at Craft Maestros ensure that you have abundant choices to choose from in order to give your home the best quality product ever.

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