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  1. Sojitra Mango Leaf Napkin Rings (Set of 2)
    Sojitra Mango Leaf Napkin Rings (Set of 2)
    ₹ 1,232
  2. Sojitra Floral Napkin Rings (Set of 2)
    Sojitra Floral Napkin Rings (Set of 2)
    ₹ 1,064
  3. Sojitra Twin Leaf Napkin Rings (Set of 2)
    Sojitra Twin Leaf Napkin Rings (Set of 2)
    ₹ 1,064

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Handmade Napkin Rings

Your dining area is probably the most intimate space in your home; a place where families connect, discussions happen, dreams shared, and plans made. This space is very much reflective of what your individual personalities are. Every day, you gather around one table as a unit and that’s what makes the most special memories for a family. Therefore, the dining area requires special attention when it comes to decor. And while you are always quite particular about the furniture, dining linen and accessories miss out on the keen eye. This made CraftsMaestro create the most fabulous dining linen and accessories collection available online in India. The signature napkin rings by CraftMaesros can be a splendid addition to the memories you make there! Floral Napkin Rings and Leaf Napkin Rings by CraftMaestros are some of the most stunning pieces available online. ...

The Beauty Of Napkin Rings

Originated in Europe by the bourgeois, napkin rings were initially a functional entity to identify the napkins of a household between weekly wash days. They primarily considered family names or initials to stand them out. However, over the years, they transformed into an ornamental accessory to define the dining space of a home better. Indian homes also started using them, probably a result of British and Portuguese rule.

The modern napkin rings have now taken a beautiful form with elegant natural and abstract designs defining them. They are available in different sizes and materials.

The Most Beautiful Napkin Rings Online

Designer handcrafted napkin rings are a beautiful addition to your dining area. They accentuate the personality of the space and make it more warm and welcoming. Craft Maestros signature napkin rings made in brass casting are the best napkin rings online.

Available for purchase in sets of two, these napkin rings are handcrafted in natural floral and leaf-like shapes. They are suitable to match any colour and material of table cloth and linen. The intricate detailing on each piece is done by skilled artisans who spend several hours casting and carving brass metal to curate them.

The designs are original and bespoke, made by the brightest designers in the industry. National-award winning artisans work on these brass projects to make the most stunning and functional napkin rings.

These napkin rings can easily upgrade your dining place from drab to fab. The simplicity of the design and material keep the subtle grace and calmness of the space alive that is always illuminated by the chatter of your deep personal moments. These napkin rings are best-in-class, and specially designed for people who like an artistic touch to their personal spaces.

Craft Maestros collection of dining linen and accessories is all handcrafted and available for purchase online at affordable rates. These napkin rings are all crafted by hand and each piece comes out a unique testimony of the brand’s dedication to keeping the traditional art forms alive by merging them with modern trends and tastes.

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