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  1. Solasta Labradorite Ring
    Solasta Labradorite Ring
    ₹ 3,760
  2. Fargin Labradorite Ring
    Fargin Labradorite Ring
    ₹ 3,451
  3. Naz Labradorite Ring
    Naz Labradorite Ring
    ₹ 2,730
  4. Faodail Labradorite Ring
    Faodail Labradorite Ring
    ₹ 3,760
  5. Ataraxia Labradorite Pendant
    Ataraxia Labradorite Pendant
    ₹ 3,245
  6. Kalon Labradorite Pendant
    Kalon Labradorite Pendant
    ₹ 3,451
  7. Cafune Labradorite Pendant
    Cafune Labradorite Pendant
    ₹ 3,451
  8. Merak Labradorite Pendant
    Merak Labradorite Pendant
    ₹ 3,245
  9. Ruhe Labradorite Pendant
    Ruhe Labradorite Pendant
    ₹ 3,760
  10. Yugen Labradorite Pendant
    Yugen Labradorite Pendant
    ₹ 3,245
  11. Black Onyx Eagle Earrings
    Black Onyx Eagle Earrings
    ₹ 18,816
  12. Charming Ruby Swan Pendant
    Charming Ruby Swan Pendant
    ₹ 23,520

Items 1-12 of 17

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Gemstone Jewelery Online

Don’t we all love to pair up our clothes with the perfect pieces of jewelery. From precious to semi-precious, we love and maintain them alike. Our collection of some finely hand-carved gemstone jewelery contains onyx, labradorite, ruby and sapphire pendants, rings and earrings to adorn your beautiful neck, fingers and ears. You can shop for some of these exquisite pieces in just a few clicks of your mouse and we promise to deliver them securely to your doorstep. We accept both cash on delivery and online payment (international cards, UPI, etc.) ...

Why Buy Labradorite Pendant and Ring

We have a wide range of labradorite pendants and rings to choose from. You can find swan pendant, carvings of Buddha, Ganesha and flowers in the form of some breathtaking rings and pendants online. Apart from the beautiful finish and a classy look, labradorite is a semi-precious stone which is believed to impart strength. It balances the aura and attracts positive spiritual energies. It is also said to calm down an overactive mind and helps in having new ideas by stimulating your imagination. Labradorite can be easily included in your daily attire and to clean it, you can wipe it with a soft and dry cloth. You can buy gemstone jewelery online with us Craft Maestros and we will safely deliver it within 8-10 days.

Gemstone Necklace Online

If you’re on the religious side then our Ruby Ekdanta Pendant is a must-have for you. Painstakingly hand-carved in ruby in the shape of Lord Ganesha, it took our master artisan months to carefully carve out every curve of the pendant to perfection and the result is simply breathtaking. For the lovers of contemporary jewelery, we have our Blue Sapphire Blossom Pendant that is gracefully set in original sapphire and possesses intricate floral carvings. Apart from these, you can shop for hand-carved Buddha pendant, hand-carved rose pendant and hand-carved peacock pendant- all set in labradorite stone.

Gemstone Jewelery at Craft Maestros

To bridge the gap between authentic handicrafts and admirers or fine art, we approached master artisans across the length and breadth of India and made a platform where we can curate some of their exquisite pieces. Most of the artisans we have partnered with are nationally awarded Shilp Gurus or Padma Shree awardees. Craft Maestros takes immense pride in delivering high-quality handicraft and handloom products at amazing prices that greatly benefit both our craftsmen and our customers. We have a fine collection of gemstone jewelery online and every purchase comes with a certificate of authenticity with the signature of its master artisan to ensure that your purchase is 100% true to its name and you’re receiving nothing but the highest quality product and a piece of its craftsman’s imagination and hard work.


Gemstone jewelery shouldn’t get in contact with water or perfume and can be cleaned only using a soft dry cloth. Store in a dry box.


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