Table Lamp Online at Craft Maestros

Each nook and corner of your home deserves a special piece which adds to the value of that corner. We, at Craft Maestros understand this love you have for your home. We value your connection with your home, which is why each piece at Craft Maestros is carefully handpicked by us. Let every space in your home glow with our carefully curated pieces...

Speaking of glowing homes, there is no better way to light your homes with the soft glow of handmade table lamps. Buy table lamps online with us and bring home a warm light enclosed within exquisite pieces.

Handmade Table Lamps in Your Home

No beautiful home is complete without proper lighting. Buy designer table lamps with us and complete your home by choosing from our wide collection of handmade table lamps. Not only will these lamps help you illuminate your rooms, but also allow you to add to the overall aesthetics of your home. Each of these lamps has been scrupulously handcrafted by different master artisans from across the world. With these pieces comes various ancient crafts from the fabric of India’s legacy, including bone inlay on wood, paper maché  and metal engraving. Buy designer table lamps at Craft Maestros and add layers of beauty and texture to the lighting in your home.

Place a hand-engraved brass lamp in your drawing room and let light engulf the room as it gets filtered through the hand-engraved crevices. Let our collection of bedside table lamps online elevate the warm ambiance of your room. Every table lamp online in our range is a piece to marvel at and will bring along with it a part of India’s rich heritage to your home.

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