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Craft Maestros brings to you pieces of art unmatched in quality and borne out of love.Craft Maestros is a platform that curates some of the finest handicrafts in India — brought to you from the homes of master artisans from across the length and breadth of our country. .Read more.

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Unparalleled Enamel Work On Silver

Unparalleled Enamel work on silver

National Award - 2015

Exquisite Paiper Mache

Exquisite Paiper Mache

National Award - 2015

The 7 Kg Carved Ruby

The 7 kg carved Ruby

National Award - 2016

Why Craft Maestros?

Bring home the beauty of handcrafted products with our range of exquisite handicrafts only from the homes of National, Shilp Guru and Padma Shri Awardees and highly recognized master artisans...

In an age of mediocrity, Craft Maestros brings to you only the best handmade items. Our handicraft items come with our personal guarantee along with a certificate of authenticity. When you shop handcrafted products online from us, you receive a genuine handicraft item, directly from National, Shilp Guru and Padma Shri Awardees and highly recognized master artisans.

Why Should You Buy Handmade Products or Handicraft Items Online?

In this fast-paced world, originality is dying a slow death. Handcrafted pieces ensure the survival of this originality along with the survival of the ancient crafts that are woven into the fabric of India. As opposed to mass production of low-quality products, each piece at Craft Maestros is handcrafted one at a time, slowly and patiently, resulting in a piece that is truly authentic and unique for you. Every piece possesses unique differences since variations in colour, design, patterns and shading are inherent properties of handmade items. No two handcrafted items are alike, which means that no one else in the world will possess the exact same piece as you. Breathe new life into your wardrobes and your lives with handmade apparels and handmade home decoration.

Why Choose Our Handcrafted Products Online?

In times when duplicity has become a way of life, our handmade items are a breath of fresh air. With our online handicraft products, welcome home a part of the rich and varied heritage of incredible India. Each piece has a story behind it- about the timeless tradition of craft that it comes from and about the passionate and skilled craftsman whose hands birthed this piece. Oozing with our master artisan’s love for their craft is each handmade item at Craft Maestros.

Indian handicrafts are a rich and culturally important industry that needs no introduction. India, as a country and as a people, possesses a long and unique history of art, with thousands of indigenous crafts surviving generation after generation. However, this long history of handicraft is slowly fading away, not because of a lack of interest on the part of people but because of an increasing supply of duplicates and low-quality goods in the market. At Craft Maestros, you can buy handmade products online which come directly from nationally recognized artisans. We make sure that you receive genuine handmade products while simultaneously doing our bit to aid the survival of rich Indian handicrafts.

Who are Our Maestros?

There are over 7 million registered craftsmen in India and over 100 crafts are preserved in their hands. Yet, several crafts in India are on the verge of dying. To preserve these crafts, the National awards for artisans was introduced in 1965. These National Awards are bestowed on craftsmen with exceptional performance in Indian handicrafts. Since 1965, only 1,217 craftsmen have been graced with the National Award. To celebrate the resurgence of Indian handicrafts, the Shilp Guru awards were instituted in 2002. The Shilp Guru Award is presented to craftsmen with exemplary contributions to the revival of the craft. Since 2002, only 134 craftsmen have been titled as Shilp Gurus. Craftsmen with legendary performance have been awarded the Padma Shri. Buy handmade products online from us and welcome home handcrafted products from these deft and applauded craftsmen. We bring to you these ancient crafts and lauded craftsmen, exclusively at Craft Maestros, your one-stop handicraft shop.

Frequently Asked Questions


What is Indian handicraft?

The art of making crafts using hands and basic tools is called ‘handicraft’. The handicrafts made in India by our local artisans are called as Indian handicrafts or hand crafts of India. These articles can be either decorative items (wall hangings, show pieces,etc) or are used for daily utilities (lamps, coasters, textiles,etc).


Which city is famous for handicraft?

India being a land known for its cultural diversity, most of the cities, towns and villages have something or the other to contribute to handicrafts of India.


What is the difference between handloom and handicrafts?

Handlooms are looms that are manually operated and follow primitive techniques. Handlooms products are limited to textiles (clothing, tapestry, etc). On the other hand, handicrafts are handmade items that can be either decorative or an object of daily utility.


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