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Stunning hues of blue find a place in Jaipur’s renowned art of Blue Pottery. Although Turko-Persian in origin, this craft is widely recognized as the traditional craft of Jaipur across the world now. Buy blue pottery online at Craft Maestros and bring home this ancient craft of blue pottery in rare designs...

Blue Pottery in Your Home

Welcome a breath of fresh air along with vibrant colours in the form of our stunning home décor pieces. Elevate the charm of any corner with our unique blue pottery vases featuring designs, colours and shapes extremely difficult to come across. Buy blue pottery online with us and have the plethora of these uniquely charming designs available to you at the click of a button, delivered at your doorstep. With our blue pottery planters, provide your indoor plants with a quaint and charming home. Adorn your walls with blue pottery wall accents including plates and wall hooks and watch them transform into pieces of art. Twinkling blue pottery tea lights are the perfect dainty yet elegant addition to your home while entertaining guests.

Our collection of blue pottery online includes blue pottery soap dispensers to add that missing charm to your bathrooms. Buy blue pottery online with us and let the fragrance of incense be accompanied with the beauty of blue pottery incense stick holders. Indulge in blue pottery online shopping at Craft Maestros to paint your home with the beauty of this ancient craft, coming from the exotic land of grand palaces. Our hand-painted blue pottery home décor items will splash your home with myriad colours and stunning designs which draw inspirations from every corner of the world.

Blue Pottery Vase Online

Who doesn’t like the aroma of fresh flowers? Our favourite flowers need the right vases to enhance their beauty and we have just the right kind of vases to adorn your interiors. Our cylindrical vases like Sibyl Floral Vase, Jaipur Gem Vase and Cobalt Cylindrical Vase are carefully handpainted using stunning shades of blue and contain floral and leafy motifs to add a touch of spring to your home decor.

Shop Blue Pottery Plates Online

Because of its hub in the pink city, blue pottery is also called as ‘Jaipur Blue Pottery’. The best part about this amazing craft that it has a lot to offer when it comes to home decor items. Talking strictly about wall art, one shouldn’t restrict themselves to paintings and tapestries. At Craft Maestros, we have an exquisite collection of blue pottery plates online to match with different types of interiors and wallpapers.


  • Who introduced blue pottery in Rajasthan?

King Sawai Ram Singh II introduced the beautiful craft of blue pottery in Rajasthan during the 19th century. The artisans were especially sent to Delhi to get trained from the master artisans of blue pottery.

  • Which place is famous for blue pottery?

Jaipur is known to be the hub of blue pottery.

  • What Is the Difference Between Pottery and Ceramics?

While pottery is a part of ceramics, ceramics itself is a broader aspect. Pottery is strictly restricted to the usage of clay and ceramics can use other materials like glaze along with clay.

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