Conscious Luxury

When one thinks of luxury, the automatic association is with excess and sumptuousness — with lavish opulence and limited access. Today’s world, however, is one with rapidly evolving values. Identifying with a brand, therefore, necessitates identifying with the values that it stands for. With sustainability, environmental impact, and social responsibility being central to our approach, we at Craft Maestros aim to personify values that resonate with people the world over.

Making sustainable, conscious buying decisions includes learning about where products come from, how they are made, and what goes on “behind-the-scenes.” Transparency and authenticity are at the heart of conscious luxury, and this is where Craft Maestros comes in.

Our enterprise curates some of the finest handicrafts in India  — brought to you from the homes of nationally-awarded master artisans from across the length and breadth of our country. Each of our items is handpicked to add a touch of luxury to your home, even as it sustains a legacy of the craft behind it. We believe that Indian handicrafts are at the pinnacle of luxury — because purchasing a handicraft is an investment in someone’s art, an investment in our shared histories. Equally, though, Indian handicrafts represent the ethos of sustainability in its truest sense. 

First, and perhaps most importantly, this industry provides livelihoods to thousands of artisans. In India, we are blessed to have access to some of the most diverse art-forms in the world, carried down generations of master craftswomen and craftsmen. What could be more sustainable than that?

Artisan at work

Second, from an environmental standpoint, Indian handicrafts are often made sustainably. Many of our products are made with recycled materials, produce minimal waste, and are in tune with the natural elements of the region they hail from — whether in the choice of material or the designs used. For example, an exquisite collection of vases is made from recycled brass metal reflecting India’s legacy of metallurgical perfection; or intricate and vibrant pieces of papier mâché are made with recycled newspaper that transport us to the verdant valleys of Kashmir.

This winter, we recommend selecting products that add warmth to your lived experience. The glow of brass casts its light on dark winter nights, papier mâché adds colour to dull winter mornings, and authentic inlay on wood is both delicate and exquisite. This season, invest in handicrafts that personify conscious luxury  — not just for you, but for an entire sustainable ecosystem.