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Dining in or dining out, one should always eat and feel like a king while having meals. We mostly go outside not just for food but the entire dining experience. From the decor of any restaurant to how they set up their tables, everything matters for a complete dining experience. We are often fascinated ourselves at the way these cafes and diners present their tables using minimal accessories, so why not bring a piece of that to our own homes? At Craft Maestros, you can shop online for cotton table covers and cotton table runners to adorn your dining tables and dine in style. ...

Why Should You Buy Table Runners Online

With our busy lives, there is little to no time left to appreciate the finer things in our lives. We often underestimate little experiences in our lives which can be anything like lounging at our own homes post-work, having a meal with our loved ones and whatnot. To make the dining in experience better for yourself, your family and guests, one must invest in dining table decor.

Dining tables can be amped up using fine cutlery, fresh/faux flowers and pretty napkins among others. However, table runners always come out to be an underrated accessory that at times people don’t think about buying but once bought, they do their job to spruce up your dining table effectively. Talking about the time constraints again, it is best to browse through some beautiful dining table runners online at Craft Maestros to save time and efforts.

All our table runners are handcrafted using fine quality cotton in the home of our nationally revered master artisan. Along with the fine fabric, all our table runners are adorned with hand block prints. The process includes meticulously carving out wooden blocks and dipping them in natural dyes. These blocks are then pressed against the fabric to give our neat and vibrant block prints. Our motifs, in particular, are inspired by the eternal spring and contain designs of flowers, bootis, etc. We have table runners for 4 seater, 6 seater and 8 seater table to make sure that every one of you has something to take home from our beautiful artisanal collection.

Why Buy Handcrafted Table Runner

When you purchase a handcrafted product, you are making your little contribution in saving the craft and supporting the hands that make it. Handcrafted products are a testimony of the rich heritage of India and are mostly more durable than machine-made products if maintained properly. So bring home a piece of art and a piece of someone’s years of dedication and hard work to decorate your homes with.


Why should I get table runners?

Table runners are a great way to accessorise your dining tables, they add an aesthetic value to your entire dining at home experience.

What fabric is most suitable for a dining table runner?

You should get cotton dining table runners as they are easy to maintain and quite durable if maintained properly.

From where can I buy a good table runner online?

You can shop for cotton table runner online at Craft Maestros. We have a beautiful range of hand block printed table runners to adorn your tables.

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