Wooden Jali Work

The intricacies crafted by jaali work is truly a sight to behold. From metal jali work to bone jali work, there are craftsmen that are maestros in their own spheres. At Craft Maestros, you can find an unparalleled collection wooden jali work online- coming straight from the home of nationally awarded artisans who have mastered their art over the years. Each product is carefully handcrafted and verified with our craft specific checklists to ensure that each product is nothing but an epitome of perfection. ...

Wooden Jali Work Products

Our atelier of authentic handicrafts sprawls of finesse and fine craftsmanship and our promise to deliver the best. You can check out our artisanal collection for these products:

Stationery Essentials

With most of us working from home for quite some time, our homely work desks have become a very important part of our lives where we spend a good portion of our days. In such a scenario, it becomes extremely important to set up or decorate our study/work tables in a way that feels more welcoming and organised. We have some amazing paper cutters online like Gajraj Paper Cutter and Nayra Paper Cutter that are delicately carved in the shape of a mighty elephant. Our Lord Buddha Paper Cutter and Peacock Paper Cutter boasts of fine symbolization of Lord Buddha and a peacock respectively. To secure your table and make it less cluttered, you can shop for our Moroccan Pen stand and keep the picture of your loved ones in our 12th Century Baghdad Frame.

Dressing Table Essentials

Storing your trinkets can be quite a task for most of us. For that, we have our beautifully handcrafted Contemporary Jaali Jewellery Box to store our beloved jewellery pieces. If you’re looking for a hand mirror then our Arab Mashrabiya Mirror should be your top pick!

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