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With our rushed up lives, we often find ourselves in a fix when it comes to giving time to sit and think about decorating our homes. A house becomes a home only when the people living in it decorate it with their thoughts and creativity. From a simple planter to fancy wallpapers, all add some or the other value to the overall look of your special place. ...

Coming to dining room decor, there is a lot that can be done or experimented around to make it stand out. The best part about shopping online is that it utilises lesser time as compared to going out and shop. However, we do understand that touching and feeling the product against your fingers often becomes a deciding factor on whether to make a purchase or not. Keeping this in mind, we offer easy returns and exchanges that can be requested for within 24 hours of the product delivery.

Table Linen at Craft Maestros

Coming back to the dining room decor, one can add some fresh or faux flowers in the centre of the table or use dining chair covers. Apart from this, investing in good table linen set really amps up the entire look of your dining room. You can either go for the same pattern of all the elements of your table linen (table mats, table covers, table runners, table napkins) or if you feel like experimenting a bit then you can always opt for contrasting designs or colours. Our collection of table linen online at Craft Maestros is inspired by the spring season and consists of motifs like flowers, palm trees, and colourful bootis among others.

All these vibrant shades and designs are totally going to elevate your dining in experience and please your guests as well. Having good table linen ensures that you just not ‘eat’ your food but in fact, have a great dining experience. All our products of this range are handcrafted using the high quality of cotton and delicately hand-printed using the block printing technique. When you buy from our artisanal collection, you take home a part of our master artisan’s creativity and emotions and above all, you support an ancient craft that is synonymous with the heritage of our country.


What is table linen?

The clothes that are used to cover/decorate dining tables and are used during mealtimes are collectively known as ‘table linen’.

What is a table linen set?

A table linen set generally comprises a table cover, a table runner, table mats (4, 6 or 8) and table napkins (4, 6 or 8) that complement each other

Should I invest in a good table linen set?

Table linen set can add a lot to your dining room decor and take your entire dining in experience to the next level.

What type of napkins should I buy?

A lot of people use paper napkins that lead to a lot of wastage of paper and our other natural resources. If possible, one should always opt for cloth napkins as they are reusable and eco friendly. Our napkin sets are handcrafted using fine quality of cotton that does not pollute the earth. Along with being a sustainable option, our collection of cloth napkins carry an aesthetic value to adorn your tables.

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