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Pen Stands Online

Pen stands are great to keep your desk organized and clean. Handmade pens are a great choice when choosing pen stands. They are carefully handcrafted which makes them unique and aesthetically pleasing. Handmade wooden pen stands are great as decorative accents for your home. It is essential to keep things organized in order to stay productive at your study/office desk. ...

Handmade pen stands add the element of creativity and intricate details to the otherwise generic pen stand available in the market. Get beautifully handcrafted penstands from our collection of handcrafted pen stands and stand out in your home decor ideas and style.

Vedai Blue Pen Stand

This beautiful pen stand is Indian handcrafted by our nationally awarded master craftsman. The intricate bunches of yellow flowers are crafted against a striking blue background which adds to this pen stand a distinct charm and impeccable beauty. The pen stand is made from an amalgamation of paper pulp and clay. It will add vibrant colours to your desk and home decor.

The skilled craftsmanship on this pen stand gives it a touch of luxury and craft. The colours in this pen stand come together beautifully like a symphony of bright colours. Get this specially handcrafted pen stand as a gift or to add to your home.

Awoora Leaf Motif Pen Stand

This artistically crafted pen stand is adorned with leaf motifs along with flower buds. This minimalistic design will add serenity to your decor. The green and yellow of the motifs look beautiful against the white background. This pen stand is sustainably made from paper pulp and glue skillfully crafted to give it a unique look.

Add an element of creativity to your desk with this simple yet beautiful pen stand and add some personality to your home decor.

Moroccan Pen Stand

This wooden pen stand is adorned with a jali screen on loquat wood. The pattern is inspired by the Moroccan jali screens commonly used in Moroccan architecture. This wooden penstand will add a touch of art to your desk and reflect a unique style.

This pen stands online is a perfect gift as a reminder of creativity and tradition. The delicate making of this handcrafted pen stand makes it luxurious and artistic.

Marrakesh Pen Stand

This is one of the popular pieces from our collection. This sleek pen stand is compact, beautifully crafted and minimalistic. The jali work on this handcrafted penstand is inspired by Marrakeshian architecture and embodies the master craftsmanship at its best.

Our nationally awarded master craftsman brings to you an exquisitely crafted pen stand to add to your home decor. It is a great statement piece for a desk to keep everything organized with its spacious structure and beautiful craft.

Channel your creativity with these artistic scissor and incorporate tradition and art into your everyday life.

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