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Paper Cutter

Paper cutter is used every day in homes or office needs and is an essential tool for everyday life. A handmade paper cutter is a great gift or just to add that element of uniqueness to your home or office. Stationery collectors and lovers know the importance of different and unique stationery items. A handmade paper cutter will come in handy for numerous purposes like cutting paper, art and crafts or any cutting activity. A good paper cutter is utilitarian and lasts for a long period of time. After all, it’s in the little details and a paper cutter ensures that it doesn’t leave uneven cuttings on paper for all your cutting purposes. ...

A handmade paper cutter is a great choice to add to your stationery collection and add the element of creativity to your desk. When you surround your desk with creatively crafted things it will add to your own creative endeavour. It is compact and small and hence easy to carry in your bag also when you’re travelling. Paper cutters are available online but we provide the most unique paper cutters handcrafted by master artisans. This becomes a reminder of human interconnectedness and how things are made from one hand and passed on to the hands of many people.

Baghdad Hand-Carved Paper Cutter

This hand curved paper cutter is a great addition to decor at the same time being of utility. The design is inspired by the historic design of jaali that has transcended centuries and geographical boundaries. This white paper cutter and its intricate jaali design will give your stationary stack a touch of uniqueness.

Gajraj Paper Cutter

This beautiful wooden paper cutter is crafted with jaali work embellished with an elephant motif on the top. The jaali work on wood dates back to the 12th century. The Kadam wood adds to the traditional design. Gift this beautiful paper cutter to a stationery lover and they will cherish it for its beauty and charm.

Kanan Paper Cutters

This set of three handcrafted paper cutters are exquisitely designed and crafted one piece at a time. The design is carved with a special tool called Burma and crafted with care. The three cutters are accentuated with the motifs of peacock, fish and bird. The wood used in crafting this paper cutter is loquat wood. This is a great gift option as well as a decorative items.

Peacock paper cutters

This eye-catching peacock cutter is crafted delicately with jaali work inspired by the architecture of Isfahan. The wood used to craft this paper cutter is loquat wood. This accentuated paper cutter is a great decorative piece as well as for utility for cutting paper. Gift this specially handcrafted paper cutter to a stationery lover and incorporate the sense of thoughtfulness and tradition.

Aranya Paper cutters

This gift set of 2 paper cutters is hand-carved in loquat wood. The handmade paper cutters are accentuated with the motifs of peacock and owl. The jali work crafted is inspired by the architecture of Isfahan. Get this gift of tradition and incorporate unique and carefully crafted designs.

Tayir Paper Cutter

This most loved and popular handcrafted paper cutter is artfully carved with experienced and skilled hands using a special tool called ‘burma’. The handmade paper cutter is adorned with the motif of a tropical bird on top. Get this beautiful to add to the charm of your decorative accents or stationery collection.

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