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Table covers are one of the most important parts of ornamenting your home’s interior. They define your taste and make your intimate spaces more welcoming and vibrant. Within the limited spaces that dining areas of a home offer, table clothes add the much required bewitching charm and a personalised touch. Along with being stylish and beautiful, dining table clothes also require to be very functional, easy to clean, and chemical-free. That’s where CraftMaestros has made a niche for itself with its bedazzling range of utterly elegant tablecloths, which are made of hundred percent pure cotton and painted in natural colours. ...

The Art Of Picking The Right Table Cloth

While it seems like a very easy task to pick table linen for your home and other personal spaces, many people often miss out on contemplating many important things to make this call. While the dimensions and placement of tables are always kept in mind while picking the table clothes, people often miss out on choosing the right fabric.

Most of the table cover online are made of synthetic materials and dyes, which are not only toxic to the environment but can have a negative impact on your skin and health too. CraftMasestors has come out with a unique, sustainable, handcrafted collection of table cloth covers that are not only pleasing to look at but are also very easy to use, clean, and are good for your skin.

These handcrafted table linen are designed by the brightest artisans who are practising the indigenous block printing craft for years altogether. Available in different sizes and colours, these table clothes will make your house stand out, illuminate your personal spaces with a graceful artistic touch and a very vintage vibe.

Purchasing Cotton Tablecloths Online

Craft Maestros has committed itself to the cause of promoting Indian handicrafts and introducing them to the day-to-day life of the people. Their table clothes collection is one of the many steps in that direction.

Made up of 100% cotton, these tablecloths are hand painted using the block printing technique -- which dates back to 3500 to 1300 BC. The design inspiration comes from the age-old boota technique in which repeated floral and natural patterns are painted on the sheets.

The colour options in Craft Maestros table linen are varied and range from very soothing primary colours to some bright shades. There is something for everyone and every type of mood. These affordable bespoke pieces have been crafted by the keen and well-trained hands of the best-in-industry artisans who are working under the supervision of award-winning designers and curators.

Including a Craft Maestros piece to your home linen collection will give a very nice vibe to your place. The surreal designs are enough to leave anyone speechless and allude a distinct grace with the smart pick of patterns and colours. These pieces are good for regular use, are easy to clean, and can be readied for a daily-use without much hassle and work. They are very soft on the skin and do not contain any harmful material.

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