Handcrafted Flower Pots

Plants usually add a lot more colours and liveliness to one’s house. With our carefully curated collection, we bring to you a beautiful range of planters to choose from. Being a fan of pretty home decor ourselves, we understand your inclination towards adoring your lovely abode in the best way possible and for the same we have decked up our inventory with some stunning pieces of planters made up using blue pottery and brass engraving techniques...

Browse through our choicest collection and get your hands on your favourite planters now!

Types of Planters online

A lot of creativity and detail goes into making even the simplest of the planters. From hanging planters to a table/floor planter, we have a product to cater to all kinds of tastes and interests. Our brass and aluminium planters spark with finesse and elegant designs. Each piece at Craft Maestros bears with it a long lineage of the ancient craft and heritage of India that it stems from. Every piece is made with skilled hands and carries with it slight variations which are inherent properties of handmade products. This quality makes your purchase exceptional and one-of-a-kind

Designer Flower Pot Online

House plants are known to add positivity and a little greenery within the walls of one’s home and one should consider planting them in the most elegant planters possible to do complete justice to them. From meticulous brass engraving to tedious lattice designs, you can find a variety of planters online at Craft Maestros.

Decorative Indoor Flower Pots

The aesthetic appeal of one’s home depends on a variety of factors like wall colours, rugs, plush cushions, vases, planters and so on. Keeping your vibrant greens inside isn’t a new concept but with every passing day, people are getting more interested in adorning their indoors with blooming plants to enhance the liveliness of their rooms. With our gorgeous collection of indoor flower planter and hanging flower pots, you can choose the one which complements the decor and interiors of your lively room.

How To Use Indoor Plant Pots For Decoration

From your centre table to your main entrance, there are many possible places to make your favourite planters sit beautifully. The best part about our decorative pots is that they occupy minimal space and exhibit maximum charm and elegance. Coming back to the hanging planters, these can always be hung around the entrance of your lovely abode or can be used as hanging planters outdoors.

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