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  1. Dhauta Hand-Carved Bookmark
    Dhauta Hand-Carved Bookmark
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  2. Karka Hand-Carved Bookmark
    Karka Hand-Carved Bookmark
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  3. Kadru Hand-Carved Bookmark
    Kadru Hand-Carved Bookmark
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Bookmark Online

If you are someone who loves to read books, you definitely know how important a bookmark is to your whole experience. Especially if you are the one who loves to keep their books as new! Bookmarks are a great way to preserve the beauty of a book as it avoids the reader from creating unwanted creases on pages (no dog-earing of sheets), and also enhances the whole reading experience. Craft Maestros Handmade Bookmarks can be your perfect reading companion with their unique designs, sustainable being, and charming appeal. These affordable handmade bookmark online are something that you definitely need! ...

The History Of Bookmarks

Bookmarks are probably as old as printed books, having branched roots in Europe, Africa and Asia. They were made of wood, bone or gold or other metals, the perfect complement to the unique and precious objects that books were at that time. It was in the middle ages, with books getting more popular and accessible, that bookmarks too started attaining a new shape and structure. Designers started using string, strips of leather and ribbons to create them. Soon after, the first paper and thin wooden bookmarks emerged.

It was in the nineteenth century that the bookmarks became what we know of them as today, printed on paper and often including a hole with a small string tied through it. They also became an important aspect of promoting business. Now, bookmark online are available for sales and customisations too.

The Heritage Bookmarks By CraftMaestros

Craft Maestros has a diverse collection of handcrafted, traditional stationery online and bookmarks are an integral part of it. Made of elements like bones and woods, these bookmarks bring back the centuries-old form of the tool to the modern world.

These bookmarks can be a perfect companion to bibliophiles who love to explore and roam in the world of stories. These bookmarks not only spark a sense of belongingness within classic books but also perfectly complement modern literature with their unique designs. Made of eco-friendly and sturdy materials, these bookmarks have a long life. They are also easy to take care of and can also be used as a beautiful ornamental item when not in use.

These bookmarks are also devoid of any distractions that most modern bookmarks come with -- lots of text, advertisements, and other matter. Their designs are a touchback to the rich cultural and traditional heritage of the subcontinent, merged with the modern tastes.

Every single bookmark in the collection is meticulously crafted by indigenous artisans who are pro at the art of carving and digging out unique structures and designs of simple raw materials. These artisans are guided by award-winning designers who research extensively on the style and functionality of each piece before starting the making process. Priced economically, these bookmarks can be the perfect addition to your literary collection. They also make for great gifts and memorabilia to be shared with your loved ones. On top of everything, they keep the traditional Indian handicrafts alive!

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