Meenakari Work 

Undoubtedly one of the most celebrated jewellery art form- Meenakari jewellery has definitely established itself as one of our favourites. Not only in India, but one can see the magic of meenakari work overseas as well. Our master artisan Mr. Soni feels responsible for promoting authentic meenakari jewellery across the world. Known for its delicate enamel work in glistening colours, meenakari jewellery goes well with both traditional as well as western attires. You can shop online for meenakari bracelet, meenakari hasli/meenakari choker and meenakari earrings with us at Craft Maestros. ...

Beautiful Meenakari Jewellery

Introduced by the Mughals in 16th century India, Raja Mann Singh of Rajasthan is regarded as one of the major patrons of Meenakari. Even today, you can see that Jaipur is largely considered as the hub of the craft of meenakari. Initially, the entire craft process was kept as a secret and only used to pass from one generation to another. In fact, even the daughters of the family were kept away from the workshops as teaching them would imply her taking the craft secret to her in laws’ places.

With time, more and more people began getting involved in making gorgeous meenakari jewellery and the entire process was no more a secret. Families that have been practising the craft for generations have begun teaching their daughters too and now we can see a sizeable amount of women artisans in the picture. You can also find a lot of workshops and craftsmen across India making dainty meenakari jewellery. However, not all of them are authentic and most turn out to be counterfeit copies. We, at Craft Maestros, have pledged to bring the most authentic meenakari jewellery pieces to your dressers.

Types of Meenakari

There are mainly two types of meenakari jewellery that are largely appreciated by the connoisseurs of fine jewellery. One is ‘ek rang khula’ while the other is ‘panchrangi meena’. It is quite obvious by the name that for ek rang khula jewellery, only one single colour is used and in the panchrangi meena, a beautiful combination of 5 stunning colours is used that includes white, light blue, dark blue, red and dark green. You can shop from our choicest collection of meenakari bangles, meenakari choker, meenakari necklace and meenakari earrings carefully set in kundan online.

We offer hassle-free exchanges and returns and provide both prepaid and postpaid payments for the convenience of our esteemed customers. All our purchases come with a certificate of authenticity along with the sign of the nationally awarded master artisan, to ensure that you receive nothing but the best!

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