Kinnauri Shawls Online

Winter season demands layers of snug layers of clothing to beat the chills. We at Craft Maestros are here to fill your winter wardrobes with a splash of colours and traditional motifs. You can shop for Kinnauri shawls with us in just a few clicks. From the loft peaks of Himachal comes our artisanal collection of traditional Kinnauri shawls for your liking. ...

Kinnauri Shawl Designs

Earlier, people of Himachal had very little access to outside products and as a practice, they all set up little pit looms in their homes and began weaving their own woollens to keep themselves warm. Eventually, medium to big sized handlooms were established to export traditional kullu and kinnauri shawls outside. What makes Kinnauri weaves different from the rest is the technique that is used to craft them.

These shawls are handwoven in two different parts and carefully joined together from the centre using meticulous needlework. The ends are tasselled to ensure the threads don’t come off. Indo-Persian patterns are quite common in these shawls. You can shop for some amazing pieces with us at Craft Maestros. We also offer easy returns and exchanges.

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