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    Tabassum Banarasi Saree (with Blouse)
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    Tishnagi Banarasi Saree (with Blouse)
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    Ibtida Banarasi Saree (with Blouse)
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    Vasl Banarasi Dupatta
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    Khizan Banarasi Dupatta

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Banarasi Saree Online at Craft Maestros

Both the admirers and those who aren’t much fond of donning sarees must have heard this term at least once in their life- Banarasi Sarees. As the name suggests, authentic Banarasi weaves come from the pious land of Banaras or Varanasi. While the state of Uttar Pradesh is popular for numerous handicrafts, Banarasi or brocade weaves still manage to stand out and spread their charm among the lovers of fine apparel. One or two banarasi sarees are definitely must-haves in your treasured wardrobes as they can be your go-to attire for all important functions like weddings and soirees. Shop for some elegantly handcrafted Banarasi weaves with us at Craft Maestros. ...

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Even though being deep rooted around the sacred ghats of Banaras, this craft was introduced my the Mughals due to its finesse and elegance. However, some sources suggest that Banarasi sarees were mentioned in the great epid Mahabharata as well. Initially, these weaves were strictly limited to royal and highly influential families and were considered to be a sign of regality. Threads of pure gold were carefully handwoven in the sarees, making them extremely expensive. Over the time, gold got replaced with golden coloured threads to make these fine weaves little affordable.

On an average, a saree takes 15-30 days to get ready and is a product of teamwork. 3-4 people are required to work on a single piece at once. An artist creates design boards by sketching desirable motifs on a graph paper along with colour concepts. After this, punch cards are created to accommodate design on a saree. All our Banarasi sarees come from the home of our nationally awarded master artisan and undergo rigorous quality checks to ensure that our customers receive nothing but the best. The perforated cards are then paddled in a systematic manner to ensure the main weave picks up the right colours and patterns.

Banarasi Dupatta Online

A stunning dupatta can make even a plain or dull kurti shine out in all its glory. Our handcrafted collection of Banarasi dupattas are definitely going to solve that purpose and will make you the centre of attraction. Owing to the heavy threadwork, Banarasi dupattas are best suited for special occasions like sangeet ceremonies or important family get togethers. You can pair up any of our dupattas with a solid kurti and you are good to go. To accessorize, you can add dainty studs or some bangles along with peeptoes for a comfortable ensemble.

Buy Banarasi Silk Dupatta Online

With markets flooded with fake products, it is difficult to make out between authentic and counterfeit handicrafts. To tackle this problem and provide only the real handcrafted products to our fellow connoisseurs of fine handicrafts, we carefully curated our collection of Indian handicraft and handloom products- handpicked only from the homes of highly revered master artisans. Each and ever product is a piece of our rich heritage that we at Craft Maestros have pledged to protect.

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