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Jewellery is undoubtedly one of the most treasured aspects of our dresser. Expensive or artificial, we adore them alike and love to experiment with them. Different outfits, different colours and combinations- our dressing tables are no less than experimentation grounds when it comes to pairing up delicate jewellery. ...

Cascading down the aisle in heavily embroidered lehengas, adorned with exquisite jewellery set mostly in gold and traditional motifs; the image of a Rajput Royal bride is something one can’t easily shake off one’s mind. This graceful affair was characterised by the intricately crafted Kundan jewellery, a heritage that was created on the Rajasthan soil, especially for the royal court in the 3rd century BCE. The purest form of gold, painted in floral motifs and pitched with rare gemstones, and designed to represent grandeur, the Kundan form of jewellery transcended down history and found its place in the royal Mughal courts. Neighbouring states of Bihar and Punjab also picked up on the craft soon to give it the shape and form that reached the common people as well. Today, it is an inseparable part of the designer jewellery segment and many top celebrities have been carrying the pieces with elan in movies, at private functions, and also in day-to-day life.

Kundan Jewellery Online

Kundan jewellery draws its beautiful origin back to the royal Rajasthani and Gujarati household. Due to its finesse and charm, with time kundan jewellery gained popularity with demand from common citizens as well. If we look at today’s time, we find kundan jewellery being widely used in bollywood and daily soaps, making it more popular than ever. Hence the affordable forms of kundan came into the picture and we can see kundan kangan, kundan rings, and kundan earrings among others. You can shop for some beautiful jewellery online with us at Craft Maestros.

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We, at Craft Maestros, understand that nothing can totally replace the joy of offline shopping where people check the quality before buying anything and see the products for real. This is why we offer hassle-free exchanges and returns to make sure that our customers are satisfied with their overall shopping experience. From pearl necklaces online to fashion rings, you can have everything under one roof. Each and every piece of jewellery that you see with us has been carefully curated to suit your liking. We have more in store for you- register with us and avail a 10% discount on your first purchase.

Crafting a Kundan Jewellery Piece

In Sanskrit, the word Kundan means the purest form of gold; 24K as we know today. This versatile metal forms the base of Kundan jewellery as craftspeople make an intricate structure with gold stripes. The process is called gadhayi and the mould-like framework is created to form the foundation piece. The next step is khudayi, in which the outer surface of the jewellery piece is engraved with designs and patterns. These are mostly inspired by the motifs popular during the Rajput and the Mughal era. These frameworks are filled with lakh wax and the planned design is marked on the jewellery surface. The next step is meenakari in which the designs are filled with bright natural shades of colours. And finally, with jadayi the stones and gems are set in final pieces.

Traditionally, it takes anywhere from a month to four to handcraft these pieces. The meticulous designing and crafting are taken care of by artisans with years of experience at hand.

The modern-day artificial Kundan jewellery is set in various forms of gold and silver metal ghats. This process has made jewellery accessible to common people. The pieces may or may not have meenakari work on them based on the design.

Picking the right Kundan Jewellery Piece

You can buy artificial Kundan Jewellery online at almost all the fashion jewellery online stores. However, the most beautiful part of this heritage piece is its delicateness and finely crafted patterns. Before picking your Kundan jewellery, you should definitely check the authenticity of the design, metal, and carefully analyse the designs. At CraftMaestros, we ensure that you get the most authentic designs and each of our pieces is handcrafted by award-winning designers and artisans. The jadau pieces are designed to look exquisite but are extremely comfortable to wear with engineered precision to balance the weight of any piece. You can pick from traditional options that are suited for wearing at big functions and also modern designs that you can pair with your daily looks as well. The range of colours and designs will simply leave you in awe.

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