Shopping For Women’s Bangles Online? Read This!

In India, the business of bangle-making has been prevalent for over 200 years; using traditional techniques that have been passed on year after year. Glass bangles have been a symbol of prosperity, femininity, and for married women, they hold a special significance of love and commitment. Every bangle for ladies of our country, is worn with much regard and pride!  

With time, the traditional ladies kangan has evolved so beautifully that today, there are varieties that keep up with modern style sensibilities. As an ode to the intriguingly fashionable amalgamation of contemporary aesthetics and age-old techniques, Craft Maestros’ statement glass bangles for women have been handcrafted for you by India’s finest craftsmen. 

Fancy Bangles: Online Shopping 

The word ‘bangle’ is derived from a Hindi word meaning glass. Though various metals like bronze, copper, gold, and silver have been used to make bangles through centuries, nothing beats the beauty of and femininity of these delicate ones. Let’s take kada for women as an example; if worn for non-religious purposes, you can explore them in glass during your next online bangle shopping spree. 

In India, the majority of indigenous glass production takes place in Firozabad aka ‘The Bangle City’ – a small industrial town 200 km from the capital known for its glass industry, especially its famous bangles. Here, approximately 65 lakh bangles are made daily! To make this possible, over 50,000 people are employed in the city’s 150+ units that make these bangles for women

Bangles For Women By Craft Maestros 

Online shopping for bangles? Craft Maestros has an exquisite collection of beautiful ladies kangan, and kadas for women that have been handcrafted by India’s award-winning master artisans. Sourced from the best-of-the-best in Firozabad, the collection of womens bangles you’ll find here is truly unmatched in quality, authenticity, and design. 

Accessorising right is an art that doesn't come naturally to many. However, whether you’re a newbie or a pro at the accessory game, the statement glass bangles from Craft Maestros are sure to grab your attention and make your eyes twinkle! Wear them as a single piece or stack your bangles – as long as you enjoy the final look! 

Every handmade bangle aptly represents the culture and tradition of India, and captivates the senses with its unmissable tinkle. Everywhere in the world, bangles are cherished for their elegance. They play a prime role in your sense of styling and can be conveniently paired with any traditional or non traditional outfits, with a promise to always take you a notch above the rest. 


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