5 Interesting Reasons Why Kilim Rugs Deserve A Spot In Your Home

Whether you want to instantly elevate the interiors of your home or you simply want to hide damp walls or a nasty peel-off, Kilim rugs can do the trick and in style, mind you! If you thought these handmade beauts that originate in and around Turkey are just Insta-worthy backdrop for pictures - think again! Once you bring ‘em home, you’re sure to discover how they’re also ‘pretty’ versatile accessories that can add so much authentic flavor and aesthetic to your space.

Flat-woven Kilim rugs: The people pleasers of the decor world

They become the center of attraction with their vibrant shades and vivid patterns are an absolute game changer, no matter where they’re placed. Though increasingly used in today's western decor, these hand-knotted collectibles have been a part of India culture and tradition since ancient times.

Here are 5 reasons to indulge in an exotic Kilim rug:

1. Antique charm

Handcrafted Kilim rugs with their colorful floral and geometric designs are perfect to accentuate your rooms and create a style statement like no other. They are classy, bold and beautiful! Add them to your floors in place of wall to wall carpets or just throw a small kilim rug over a damaged floor that needs a makeover, and watch them transform the look and feel of that space. They come in varying sizes and are apt for just about any room, even your bathroom and kitchen. You can also use kilim rugs as area rugs to fill spaces where there is no furniture. Their striking presence is sure to make people stop and stare.

2. Multipurpose Utility

Kilim rugs aren't just great on the floor but on walls and furniture as well. You can hang them on dull walls to achieve a bohemian look or make a sophisticated portrait of it in your bedroom. They work great as unique accent pieces when thrown over sofas and chairs. Add them to your table tops or beds and be ready for them to become the talk of the town.

3. Durability

Kilim rugs are a solid decor investment. These handwoven pieces are highly durable and last a lifetime. No need to worry about tears and damage to these elegant pieces. They are created for large footfalls, and their flat weaves do not make them shed. This gives an air of world-class taste and textural balance to any space.

4. Lightweight & easy maintenance

Regularly shifting about carpets and rugs to clean the space beneath them, isn't easy to say the least. It becomes a bothersome task that's often avoided by not using a rug at all. But kilim rugs are lightweight and easy to handle so that makes them easier to clean and move about. They do not have a pile so dust and dirt do not stick to their fibre.

5. Versatility

Whether you choose sharp, contrasting coloured rugs or go for the more neutral muted tones, you can always create an eye-catching gallery with kilim rugs. Choose a wall and work your magic on it with varying sizes of kilim rugs. Create layers or frame them to add drama, let your imagination run wild! Wondering where you can find premium quality, authentic Kilim rugs? Log on to www.craftmaestros.com and choose from an exquisite variety.