The Art of Hand Painted Wall Mirrors

For hundreds of years, mirrors have been amongst the most expensive and desirable objects that were sold in the market...

They have been used throughout history for several purposes including looking at one's own reflection, for decorative purposes, as scientific instruments, for safety, and for entertainment. While glass mirrors are the most common and popular today, mirrors used to be made from a variety of materials in ancient times including copper, steel, silver, and gold. Ever since then, mirrors have not only been used for utilitarian purposes, but for decorative purposes too. We at Craft Maestros bring to you a beautiful selection of unique hand-painted mirrors. With bold and magnificent patterns and motifs, these mirrors are ideal for decorating a living room.

How do these unique hand painted mirrors add to the grandeur of your home?

Mirrors are possibly the most honest item in your home. They show things or people exactly as they are. Allow our remarkable range of hand-painted wall mirrors to reflect the grandeur, style, and oomph of your home. No house is complete with the quirkiest yet most thoughtful decorative items. These hand-painted wall mirrors are the perfect blend of both.

While the intricate floral patterns along the sides of some mirrors lend an ethnic and traditional glow to your room, the hand-painted wall mirrors with big and bold motifs add a perfect balance of eccentricity and beauty to your home. Thus, these unique hand-painted mirrors serve the dual purpose of being a utilitarian as well as a decorative item.

Make a memorable evening with a few friends or relatives, some great food and music and these gorgeous hand-painted wall mirrors adding to and enhancing the entire ambiance of the home. Allow it to become the talk of the evening as they stand out in their brilliant patterns, colours, and motifs. Your home deserves the best, thus we at Craft Maestros have come up with the most vibrant collection of stunning hand-painted wall mirrors. Coming from the homes of national award winners, these pieces will not only add the finest craftsmanship to your home but also interesting stories about the crafts and craftsmen.

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