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Festive Furnishings Item Online

Home furnishing is an essential part of home decor and reflects your style and taste. Essentially, it is representative of what you love. While decorating your home you should have a sense of overall aesthetics and themes you are going for and not just what’s trending. The festive season calls for redecorating your home and festive furnishing. So, to help you elevate your home furnishing style, we have put together a list of 5 tips to get started with your festive home furnishing journey....

Lighting and house furnishing

Play with the sources of light in your home.Keep in mind the overall decor of your house while choosing warm or cool tones of statement lights. For festive season hues like soft yellow or off white work best. Choose lights that compliments your house furnishing. Choose light colors for bed sheets, table mats and table runners because they reflect more light than deeper colors. More the light, the more it looks like the festive season. Balance and play around with your lights and home furnishing. While buying your home furnishing items you can keep these things in mind and amp up your festive furnishing and decor.

Living Room

Your living room is the centre of your home and hence it requires most attention when it comes to home furnishing. Be clear with what you want and choose home furnishing items accordingly. Choose light sheets, quilts over your sofa in the living room to give it a cosy and homely look. Choose pieces that speak your style and taste. Think beyond diyas and fairy lights and browse through a variety of handcrafted home furnishing available in home decor items online stores which will give a touch of personality to your space. Living room brings together your home so ensure that you decorate your festive home furnishing with that sense in mind.

Colors and design

Colors and designs are important when it comes to home furnishing. There are a variety of ways you can incorporate different colors and designs in your home through home furnishing. But again, it primarily depends on what look you are going for. Mostly,when we think of festive season, bright colors and designs come to mind. But if you’re more of a classic and want only golds and whites in your house furnishing, you can include a pop of color with few pieces like table mats and napkins too. Currently vintage designs and color blocking are in trend so you can incorporate these trends into your home through home furnishing.


Keep few centrepieces in different parts of your home so that they grab more attention and build around the decor of your home accordingly. A handcrafted home furnishing piece can also work as a centrepiece. Handcrafted home furnishing items add more to the decor of your home since they’re carefully crafted and reflect art at the same time being of utility.Festive season represents traditions so choose your festive home furnishing which accentuate tradition and what better than handcrafted home furnishing for the same.

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Haruki Trees Table cover

This block printed table cover is inspired from the apple orchids in the mountains of Himachal. The colors in this Haruki Trees Table compliment each other perfectly and can add an element of freshness to your home furnishing.The verdant tree motifs are crafted carefully all over the cover by our craftsman. The muted olive and brown colors used in this cover can go well with any other colors of your home decor yet at the same time can add a splash of color to your festive home furnishing.

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