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  1. Salar Maroon Coaster Set
    Salar Maroon Coaster Set
    ₹ 1,155
  2. Salar Maroon Box
    Salar Maroon Box
    ₹ 1,365
  3. Lidroo Hand-Painted Tray
    Lidroo Hand-Painted Tray
    ₹ 2,730
  4. Pamposh Handpainted Tray
    Pamposh Handpainted Tray
    ₹ 1,943
  5. Gurez Handpainted Box
    Gurez Handpainted Box
    ₹ 1,271
  6. Golaab Handpainted Box
    Golaab Handpainted Box
    ₹ 1,444
  7. Jaaffur Decorative Box
    Jaaffur Decorative Box
    ₹ 1,848
  8. Contemporary Jaali Jewellery Box
    Contemporary Jaali Jewellery Box
    ₹ 4,743
  9. Topaz Ginger Jar ( 8"x 5")
    Topaz Ginger Jar ( 8"x 5")
    ₹ 2,452
  10. Gardenshire Papier Mache Tray
    Gardenshire Papier Mache Tray
    ₹ 2,195
  11. Carolina Blue Floral Tray
    Carolina Blue Floral Tray
    ₹ 2,195
  12. Fuchsia Iris tray
    Fuchsia Iris tray
    ₹ 2,195

Items 1-12 of 15

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Handmade Handcrafted Gifts Online

Choosing a handmade gift for someone is not an easy task. Most people end up buying things that are generic and not so thoughtful. The psychology around gifts says that gifts are instrumental in building or reinforcing relationships, which makes the whole affair of gifting very important. Handmade gifts add a touch of uniqueness to each gift. They weave a kind of story beginning from the artisan’s hands to someone’s home: a personal space.....

You can find a pool of personalised and customizable gifts to buy through online gift shopping but a carefully crafted handmade gift speaks more than something regular with a name or picture.

Sustainable choices and handmade gifts

We are witnessing people around us making more conscious choices in terms of sustainable living for a better environment and world. It is sensible to make our gifting options that produce less waste and made from eco friendly materials like clay, paper and other eco friendly options. Handcrafted gifts give you the option of choosing from endless options of different handcrafted items made by renowned and skilled craftsmen.

The alternative of handmade gifts

There are a lot of alternatives available for gifting one of them being, handcrafted gifts. More people are choosing handcrafted gifts online as an alternative. There are a variety of products that you can choose from, like coasters made from paper and clay,candles, hand painted trays, boxes, jars among many other options.

You can alternate, paraffin candles to organically made candles, plastic coasters to handmade coasters made from recyclable materials. If you think about it, there are endless options available to commercial gifts that generate more waste than handcrafted gifts. Check out and shop gifts online from options available to handcrafted gifting from our wide collection of a variety of colors and designs crafted by globally recognized and nationally awarded master craftsmen.

Choosing the right Handcrafted gift

Choosing a handcrafted gift can be tricky for a number of reasons, here are few points to keep in mind while buying handcrafted gifts:

1) You should ensure that you pick a good quality handmade gift piece so that it lasts for a longer period of time and does not tarnish easily. A handmade gift that is durable will not only be reminiscent of your memory but also express the significance of your gift.

2) Check the craftsmanship of the product so that it reflects its value and adds an element of creativity. A good craftsmanship is impressive and communicates the mastery involved in the making of the handcrafted gift.

3) Choosing a handmade gift that compliments the taste and liking of a person shows that you know them and can elevate your bond with them.It’s always good to know the colors and designs that will compliment the already set up space of the person that you are gifting.

Kava Kunur hand painted tray is a Kashmiri craft made from newspaper and glue intricately crafted by our nationally awarded craftsman. This hand painted tray is made using a unique dab technique which comes out beautifully through the look of carefully crafted designs and motifs.The vibrant and bright color will light up any space and add a fresh look and can be a perfect handcrafted gift. Whether you want to set it up in your home as a bohemian touch or like a piece to brighten up a space with muted colors, it will amp up the overall look of your home either way.

Shop from our beautiful collection of handcrafted home decor, crafts, jewellery, accessories, apparel and wall decor made by nationally awarded master craftsmen which will add the touch of art and tradition to your home.

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