The Fragrance of Heritage Craftsmanship

Mr. Jangid was a child with a very vivid imagination. He saw beauty and art in things which others discarded as mundane. When kids his age would play the fool with fallen branches of trees, the visionary in him would see a piece of art in them. Behind the shielding bark and between the tender fibers of these branches was an intricate story, a story Mr. Jangid knew he had to unfold to the world. Soon enough, he began exhibiting great histories and epic mythologies to the world, carved into shells as small as a wheat grain. With talent this extraordinary and imagination this transcendental, it wasn’t long before Mr. Jangid was showered with recognition. Recipient of the National Award in 2011, he deems passion alone as the guiding light for his work. As his fingers meander their way through a block of sandalwood, fragrant with tradition and culture, they leave behind a vibrant narrative, immortalizing history, a task as great as stitching the fabric of time itself. His work is his meditation, making him the best at what he does. 


Craftsman's Products

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