Magnificent Metal Engraving...

While Mr. Nasiruddin’s eyes may have weakened with age, his vision remains strong. He uses metal, resilient and bold, to remind us of not only nature’s armour, but also her delicacies of light, leaves, and love. Plates and vases of enormity hold precise details, all interwoven and dependent on one another to create a vibrant and self-reliant ambience and reflect his values for harmony and humility. When asked if he loves one form of his craft over another, he replied, bewildered, “How can you decide which finger of your hand looks better? All are equally beautiful!” His unwillingness to confine his imagination and his utmost desire to create with the heart allows him to stand out amongst other sculptors. During his breaks, he mentors eager artisans who wish to learn the ancient practice of etching on brass and copper.  


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