Transforming Wood into Art.....

Nestled in narrow lanes of Daryaganj amidst the smells of biryani and metal, resides an artist whose eyes light up as he sits down with his tools daily and begins to carve magic with them. Mr. Khan has taken the craft of wood carving to new heights with his extremely intricate signature jali work.  Every morning, Mr. Khan sits in his house with his hand-carved tool, barma, resembling a musician playing his sarangi, the rhythmic sound of carving resounding like music to the ears. The craft called out to him from an early age as he watched his father carve a regal panel and dreamt to replicate the beauty of it. He was graced with the National Award in 2004 for a lamp he carved with various wood panels each of which features a distinct jali work inspired by his imagination and Mughal architecture. Unrivalled in his craft and designs, Mr. Khan is also a firm believer in passing his skill down to the coming generations to ensure its continuity.  


Craftsman's Products

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  1. Altaawus Paper Cutter
    Altaawus Paper Cutter
    ₹ 381
  2. Smak Paper Cutter
    Smak Paper Cutter
    ₹ 381
  3. Tayir Paper Cutter
    Tayir Paper Cutter
    ₹ 381
  4. Nayra Paper Cutter
    Nayra Paper Cutter
    ₹ 370
  5. Moroccan Pen Stand
    Moroccan Pen Stand
    ₹ 2,156
  6. Contemporary Jaali Jewellery Box
    Contemporary Jaali Jewellery Box
    ₹ 4,743
  7. Arab Mashrabiya Sheesha
    Arab Mashrabiya Sheesha
    ₹ 1,910
  8. 12th Century Baghdad Frame
    12th Century Baghdad Frame
    ₹ 2,895

8 Items

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