Casting Magic in Brass…

A doctorate in chemistry, Mr. Chanchal refused to let that reflect in his name as the field of science ceased to excite him In the early 1990s, he left Shantiniketan for good and came to Delhi in search of his undiscovered passion. During his initial years, Mr Chanchal’s naive yet willing hands worked under a famous sculptor of the city. He recalls with a smile, how much he learned from his fellow craftsmen. After a few years, his dreams and aspirations pushed him towards opening his own manufacturing unit. In due course of time, his brass products became an instant hit in the markets and earned him a lot of awards and recognition. On being asked if receiving the National Award in 2012 was his best moment so far, he shook his head in dismay and said: “My happiest moments are those when my fellow artisans get inspired by my designs, it makes me believe that I have been doing complete justice to my craft”.  


Craftsman's Products

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