Chiseling Art in Gemstones

They say that persistence is the key to success and Mr. Sirohiya’s fine work brings this idea to life. A self-taught artist, it was his persistence and dedication to the art that allowed his talent to bloom. While playing with clay in his house, Mr. Sirohiya realized his hands had a natural talent for carving. At an early age, his talent was recognized and awarded by his school; his piece found a place in the school’s prestigious Saraswati temple. This early recognition propelled him to follow his calling. The first-ever recipient of a National Award in the category of gemstone carving, Mr. Sirohiya possesses 25 years of experience in the field and dreams of creating a global following for this art-form. His masterpiece is a finely carved six-inch ruby that places Lord Ganesh at the center of the natural world under the adoring gaze of the Shakti goddess. 


Craftsman's Products

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  1. Blue Sapphire Blossom Pendant
    Blue Sapphire Blossom Pendant
    ₹ 42,336
  2. Ruby Ekadanta Pendant
    Ruby Ekadanta Pendant
    ₹ 23,520
  3. Black Onyx Eagle Earrings
    Black Onyx Eagle Earrings
    ₹ 18,816
  4. Charming Ruby Swan Pendant
    Charming Ruby Swan Pendant
    ₹ 23,520
  5. Grey Onyx Florid Necklace
    Grey Onyx Florid Necklace
    ₹ 9,240

5 Items

per page
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