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Weaving metal through wood

 It is not often one comes across someone so adept at their craft that they are able to transform the physical properties of the materials they use for their work. Copper, silver, and bronze become threads and sheesham becomes the cloth on which patterns of exquisite beauty are embroidered.

Mohanlal is a master craftsman of an art form known as Tarkashi - inlaying metal wires into wood. His patterns and motifs harken back to the days of the Rajputs and the Mughals. Recognized with the Rajasthan State Award in 1986-87, he has crafted wooden boxes, picture frames, pots, lanterns and many other object found in a Rajasthani household. Among his patrons are Mukesh Ambani, who invite Mohanlal to display his work at his daughter, Isha's wedding last December. 

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